Under a Desert Moon VSS

VSS Name: Under a Desert Moon
Type: Phoenix Apocalypse VSS
Approval: USA-SW-WA-1702-037060

VSS Boundaries: Maricopa County and the Northern portion of Pinal County, down to the southern border of Casa Grande, splitting the county with a horizontal line roughly continuing from the I-8.

VST Name: Aaron Hanten
VST Email: dmh.garou@gmail.com
Domain Code: AZ-010-D

Theme: Hope
Mood: Survival
Setting: BNS MET Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Chronicle Teaser
“This may be hell, but it’s still Our Territory.”

Shard Caerns are more vulnerable and fragile than ever before as the seeds of Gaia’s essence are out in the open, exposed to the claws of her enemies. It is up to the Garou and Fera, who call the Valley of the Sun home, to rise to the occasion and protect Her.

Sept Name: TBD
Sept Location: TBD
Sept Rating: 1
Shard Caern Totem: Pending
Shard Caern Rating: Pending
Seed Source: Pending
Sept Leader: Dhakiat Bkthyr Najah Bahir

Sept Description: The survivors of the Age of Apocalypse have to come to terms with the loss of their former Caern in order to come together and build a new hope in Phoenix.

Sept Timeline:
– ????: Uktena build a caern and Hummingbird is the totem for the Caern.
– 1528: Spanish explorers first arrive searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. Shadow Lords arrive with the Spanish and move south.
– 1881: Phoenix Incorporated to city; First election on May 3, Judge John T. Alsap elected first Mayor; First city ordinance was the city seal “In the center a bird rising, and surrounding this the inscription Phoenix, Arizona – Incorporated February 25, 1881”; Maricopa County divided to form Gila County; The Sacred Heart of St. Louis (catholic) built at Third and Monroe streets; Phoenix attempts to bid for US Mint and fails; Holsum Bakery established; Phoenix Rangers mobilize against the Apache in Tonto Basin; City passes ordinance making it illegal for Indians to appear on city streets “without sufficient clothing to cover the person” or to be in the city after dark unless employed by a Phoenix resident; First Spanish newspaper “La Guardia” prints; Geronimo’s War begins; Iron Riders and other European Garou come over in droves. The Second War of Rage happens, pitting the Pure Tribes versus the European Tribes
– 1890: The Storm Eater is defeated and the Uktena from the Hummingbird Sept open their caern to the outsiders
– 1912: Arizona becomes a State of the Union.
– 2008: The Gnostic Plague snuffs out the Caern.
– 2009: The Sept continues to stick together for a time fighting against the Dark Brigade. The death of the Sept Alpha becomes the breaking point that forces the Sept apart permanently.
– 2014: Dhakiat Bkthyr Najah Bahir calls those still remaining in the area to return to mourn and heal the wounds caused by the previous Alpha’s death.
– 2015: A Legend calls for the former heroes of the Nation to gather in Arizona… (2017 Historical FGotM)

Storyteller Notes

Visiting Character Guidelines:
Visiting players are encouraged to submit their character sheet for review as far in advance of the game as possible. All visiting players should be aware that the presiding ST does not guarantee that their PC and/or all of their items, abilities, and such will be approved for use in game. Visiting characters must provide a hard copy of their complete character sheet and are required to include a full experience log and any approval numbers (as appropriate).
Note: Characters not attached to this VSS must provide a current hard copy of their character sheet, including approvals and XP log, to the VST, regardless of the location the player is from.

Proxy Rules:
Players who wish to proxy their characters into the venue must submit a complete character sheet and experience log; a brief write-up of the character’s attitude, personality and motivation for attending the game; a brief write-up of the character’s intentions; and a brief write-up of the character’s reactions to possible situations, to the VST of this venue and that of their home Venue. If approval from the home venue VST is not obtained, the proxy will be denied. The presiding ST does not guarantee that their PC and/or all of their items, abilities, and such will be approved for use in game if it is felt that the character’s presence or actions will be detrimental for the local game.

In addition, the proxying player is encouraged to find a local player to play their character, if that character is going to appear at a live game session. All proxies into this venue are HARD proxies. All proxy requests should be submitted as far in advance of the game as possible.

Travel Risks:
There are umbral storms within the boundaries of this domain, and in the surrounding state of Arizona as per the Regional VSS. Characters traveling to or from Phoenix must detail how they are traveling, and acknowledge that these risks may require side scenes.

Character Death:
Character death can occur during this game. If character death is due to PVP actions, both the aggressors and the victim may be required to undergo a character sheet audit after the fact.

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