The Dark Redemption VSS

Vampire the Masquerade
Dark Redemption VSS

VSS Boundaries: Prescott National Forest to the West, the northern portion of the Tonto National Forest to the East, with an East/West line parallel to the Southern border of the Prescott National Forest to the South, and the Northern limits of the Kaibab National Forest to the North.
VST Name: Conner Nigrovic
VST Email:
Domain Code: AZ 010 D

City Type: Sabbat city
Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain: None, per settings document.
Sect Boundaries: Prescott Area (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Yavapai Hills, Dewey-Humboldt, Williamson, Chino Valley, Paulden) & Flagstaff Area (Flagstaff, Kachina Village, Mountainaire, Winona)
Theme: King of the Mountain
Mood: Triumphant, Eager for the next fight
Setting: BNS MES Vampire – The Masquerade

Chronicle Teaser
The Sabbat of Northern Arizona have crushed or successfully sumberved all challengers to their might. The Hag has been consumed, the Lupines in the surrounding forests reduced to a shadow of their former strength, and the mortals would need to find the Sword of Caine before they could pose a threat.

So what is this growing sense of unease?
City Description:
With the cities of Flagstaff and Prescott firmly in their control, and no significant threat to challenge their might, the Sword of Canie in northern Arizona have entrenched themselves. The Lupines keep to their forests, Grendel remains his enigmatic self, and the recent nights have been uneventful (Some might say ‘dull’).

City Timeline:
· 1950 – Camarilla Petty Praxis established in Flagstaff.
· 1955 – The Sabbat undertake a Crusade to capture Phoenix from the Camarilla, the attack originated from the South, but the Sabbat were driven off, taking heavy losses from both Anarchs and Werewolves. However, a single scouting pack was left in the area, watching the events unfold, but never engaging.
· 1965 – A small gang of Anarchs establishes itself in the Prescott area.
· 2002 – The Sabbat undertake a second Crusade to take Phoenix, this time attacking from the West, and making extensive use of mass embraces. They were again driven off, this time to the North and they managed to hold the line in Prescott, claiming both the Prescott and Flagstaff areas as their own in the process, the Anarchs in Prescott were given the option to join or die, while the members of the petty praxis in Flagstaff were slain out of hand.
· 2003 to 2009 – The Years of Silence : The Sabbat takes heavy losses to hunters and engages in sporadic direct conflicts with other Kindred.
· 2003 – Sabbat Diocese founded in Prescott/Flagstaff
· 2008 – Hunter activity begins to return to its previous levels, a process which concludes in 2009.
· 2009 – The Red Star fades from the sky, ending the Nights of Turmoil, with their decimation by hunters, and internal squabbles, new leadership is established within the Sabbat Diocese of Prescott and Flagstaff.
· 2012 – Chicago Blood Accords, all direct fighting between the Camarilla and the Sabbat comes to an end.
· 2012-2019 – The Sabbat cement their hold in Northern Arizona by ruthlessly crushing those that attempted to oppose them. All that have sought to challenge their might have fallen to the blades, fangs, claws, and savagery of the Sabbat. Archbishop Isabella Maria Torres rises to power in 2017, and has been unopposed since. But now a new challenger has come to Flagstaff, intent to drive the Sabbat from their place on top of the proverbial, and literal, mountain.

Storyteller Notes
1.) Travel via road between the two major areas of Sabbat control (i.e., between Prescott and Flagstaff) has become mostly safe. The Lupines of the forest do not have the numbers to threaten the Sabbat that travel between their strongholds
2.) In order to use downtime actions, influences and other backgrounds within the VSS, a character must be physically present within the VSS, either via a live game or a proxy. 2.a.) This does not include Regional level actions approved through the RST’s Office, or 2.b.) National level actions approved through the NST’s Office.
3.) *Important* There is no such thing as a “soft” proxy. All proxies to this VSS will be hard proxies, must be submitted 48 hours in advance of the scheduled start of the proxy, and must include, at a minimum, the following information (though additional information is encouraged):
-Full Character Sheet, including an XP Log
-Travel plans for how the character will be entering and leaving the VSS
-The purpose of the proxy and desired outcome
4.) Visitors to live games from other VSSs are strongly encouraged to submit their full character sheets, including an XP log 48 hours in advance of the scheduled game.
5.) Low Approval Cross-Venue PCs may be approved at ST discretion
5.a.) All Proxies for out of town players will require Low Approval to cross venue PCs, regardless of origin
5.b.) The approval of this Cross Venue is *NOT* an IC guarantee of your PCs’ safety, nor does it secure IC Hospitality. If you show up unannounced, be prepared for the consequences. No OoC considerations will be given to your PC for choosing to cross-venue. The VST will take no OoC steps to save a cross-venued PC should conflict ensue while they are in attendance of the Gathering hosted by the Sabbat. All cross-venuing will be done at that PCs own risk.

Downtime Rules:
o Downtime actions and Backgrounds (Allies, Contacts, Influences, Resources) refresh at the start of each game.
o Downtimes are due by the Saturday prior to the next scheduled game and affect the time between games.
o All downtime actions are processed simultaneously, except as noted below, and the results will be released prior to the following game.
o The Allies, Contacts and Influences Backgrounds can be used during downtime or during games to a total number of uses equal to the number of dots in the background. The additional Influence actions gained from the Master of Puppets merit can only be used during downtime.
o Retainers each receive a single downtime action.
o The monthly “liquid cash” from Resources cannot be banked, it simply represents how much cash a character has available to spend each month.
o The order of downtime and influence actions follows the rules on page 388 of MET WtA :
1. Defensive actions are always processed first. Attack actions trigger a defense action if one has been submitted.
2. Influence actions occur before downtime actions, unless the downtime actions are defensive actions, such as patrolling.
3. If there is an issue where the timing of an attack influence action matters, the initiative order is determined by Social + Influence. The character with the highest total has their actions adjudicated first.

This VSS uses the XP guidelines as set forth in the Rules and Approvals document set forth by the NST staff for this chronicle.
1. IF your PC is not on AGR you will earn 6xp a month for attending Live Game, and 2 additional XP for submitting Downtimes
2. IF your PC is on AGR, you will gain 8xp a month for attending Live Game, and 4 additional XP for submitting Downtimes.

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