Resilience VSS

MES Domain Code (Name): AZ-010-D (Dead Man’s Hand)
VSS Name: Resilience
VST Name: Kristen Brittenham
VST Email:

System Name: Xiva-Tau Nebula
Verge or Expanse: Verge
System Number: AZ010DV
Theme: Adventure, Survival, Mystery, Outlaw Haven.
Mood: Sandbox, high adventure, and high character development.

Xiva-Tau Nebula (or X.T. as it is called, easier on the tongue) can be found orbiting the double red star named Mora. This system is hidden away slightly at the near-far reaches of the Verge. Its edge ominously close to Unknown Space. Xiva-Tau boasts three planets and their moons. It is a small system compared to many others within the Verge.

One of the most notable planets is Yanzao, an ice-covered planet that has shown readings of very violent blizzards changing its very landscapes. However, its most notable trait is the two moons that protect the planet from asteroids nicknamed The Brides.
Yanzao may boast violent storms and freezing temperatures but hidden away in caverns reaching near to its core is a flourishing biosphere of life. It has completely gone undiscovered until now and there is plenty for explorer, scientist, and adventurer to find within this hidden paradise.
The Brides are barren wastelands sporting numerous impact zones from crashed ships to the asteroids that stray from the belt lining the border of the system, especially the Stygian Gate.

A little away from Yanzao but close to Mora is a small dwarf planet named Rostea. This planet is most striking as its oceans, covering just over 90% of its surface give it a radiant blue coloring from Space. This planet also suffers from violent storms through the fauna beneath the surface does not seem too troubled by it. Only the bravest explorer would even begin to entertain the notion of trying to land on this planet.
Rostea’s moon, Ivora is a haunting sight. The moon itself has been split into two. One half has disappeared while the other orbits Rostea. The jagged edges like monstrous teeth reaching out into Space.

The largest planet in the system is Vorix, a desert planet that can reach such high temperatures that the sand itself can turn into pools of molten glass. However thanks to technology and persistence it is now home to the first established port, Portlock. A home base for the planet. The shade protecting its residents from the intense UV rays from Mora. Specially outfitted vehicles have been designed to help get around the planet, specifically to the dig site of alleged Stygian Ruins.

One of the more surprising sights when visiting the Xiva-Tau Nebula is the sight of the Vespers and Unity Station. The Space Station has been constructed and tethered to both sides of the Vespers. A large moon that for some unknown reason split into two halves. Exposing its dead core and rich mineral layers. The Station being tethered between them offers protection and a bountiful of resources to keep the station functioning.

It is said only the brave and idiotic venture into Xiva-Tau. Hellsgate makes sure only those who know how to fly get through and the residents make sure the coordinates to get safe passage through the asteroid belt is only given the select few and changed regularly.

Having been a somewhat isolated society the Xiva-Tau Nebula is a perfect place for Supernaturals, Outlaws or just those people that have had enough following the Expanse laws. It is a fresh start for many though there will be many challenges ahead.

Traditional Setting Elements:
Action (Combat and challenges): 4
Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 5
Darkness (PC Corruption): 4
Death (PC Death): 3
Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 5
Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 4
Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 2
Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 4

IE Specific Elements:
Politics (Spectrum of local political play): 3
Technology (Confluence of infrastructure and local tech level): 3
Science (“Soft” to “hard”) 3
Supernatural Tolerance (Level to which Supernaturals are integrated into society) 4

Define the Primary Setting:

Unity Station which is currently tethered to each side of the Vespers. It is a hive-like structure. The top sections for docking of ships and cargo. The middle section is a mixture of luxury housing pods, agriculture, science, council hall and finally the ever-growing entertainment strip that has shops, clubs and a shooting range which is currently being built. The lower sections are where most of the residents live. Each housing sector boasting both Supernatural and Mortal residents. Though naturally, the Supernaturals have founded their own sectors.

Appendix I – System Timeline:

SY4090: Project Frontier is commissioned by MegaCorps within The Core and sent out to begin terraforming the newly discovered Xiva-Tau Nebula.
SY4100: SS. Unity Station begins construction and implementation to become a functioning space station within the system.
SY4106: Unity Station has completed construction and is fully tethered to the Vespers. Research nodes are released to map out planets and moons within the system.
SY4110: Nodes register planets and moons within the system completing Phase 1 of colonization.
SY4113: Unity Station becomes a neutral ground for both Mortals and Supernaturals.
SY4115: Planet Vorix is picked as the first planet to have the first planetside base. Portlock is established and becomes first registered Home Port within the system.
SY4116: Phase 2 begins as other planets and moons begin being scouted out. The process is slow as lack of manpower and tech.
SY4117: Unity Station announces its independence from the MegaCorps, particularly the Core. Begins encrypting the coordinates to safely get through Hellsgate.
SY4118: A fleet of ships crashed on Yanzao, and negotiated with Unity Station residents, before either resettling and integrating, or rebuilding and moving on.
SY4119: (Current Day) – Ruins previously sighted on Vorix, largely unexplored and alleged to be of Stygian origin, continue to mystify local settlers, and seem to be sending out strange signals.

Appendix II – Solar System Composition: Describe the following:

Stars: Mora Class K, an orange-red double star.


Yanzao: A medium-sized planet which has an ice surface. It is noticeable for its gravitational tilt. Beneath the ice sheets, there is a flourishing environment thanks to its slow dying core. Getting beneath the ice sheets covering the surface, which are marred by the signs of numerous impacts and cracks, requires survival skills and environmental equipment.
Rostea: A small blue planet. Its surface is covered by 90% water. Violent storms have been reported, but the depths of its vast oceans remain largely unexplored and unreported, despite reports of aquatic flora and fauna.
Vorix: Largest planet within the system. Vast deserts cover the surface. The high damaging UV rays are very dangerous but thanks to technology the shade is bearable. Deep underneath the surface, there are underground water sources that are currently being processed to provide clean water to the residents. A ruin site has been scouted but not explored as of yet. Dust storms happen regularly but that has not stopped the brave people from establishing the Home base that is Portlock.


Vespers: The medium moon to planet Vorix. A moon that has been split into two. The Unity station sits tethered between the two pieces as the minerals are mined from the many exposed layers.
The Brides: Two moons that protect Yanzao from at least some stray asteroids and debris. The surfaces covered in numerous craters. They both have metallic like appearances as the impact zones have exposed the rich metals within each surface.
Ivora: Half of this moon remains in orbit around Rostea, albeit an orbit that is less stable than it no doubt once was. The other half is simply missing, though scattered reports of alleged sightings exist, claiming to have seen the broken half of a moon without a planet, circling in a slow solar orbit, beyond the orbits of the system’s three planets.

Asteroid belts:

Hellsgate: A dangerous asteroid field that sits just beyond the Stygian Gate. It can catch ships unaware if they have not plotted a safe path through. Between the asteroids, there are small debris clusters from shipwrecks. Unity Station uses this as a natural defense against the unknown in Space, and against those outsiders who might try to impose their own rules on the stubbornly independent settlers and residents of this isolated system.

Other Elements:

Unity Station: See description below.

Appendix III – Primary Setting Location and Other Important Features: Describe the following elements of the primary setting. Repeat for any Important features.

Environmental Features: Unity station has an artificial atmosphere. All the station is temperature and pressure controlled. Though the temperature can vary depending on where in the station you are. The mining facilities are known for the high heat from the machinery. The rest of the station is kept at a comfortable temperature.

With the hive like structure, the station is very self-reliant. Each resource being recycled where it can. Sections can be closed off if needed. The residential sectors are open to all but many Supernatural groups have their own bit of territory. Residents can walk freely around the majority of the station, the main shuttle system runs through the whole hive cutting down walking time.

Flora & Fauna: The pride of the station is the living greenhouse they have maintained. A functioning landscape that houses the flora for nutrition, feeding the whole of the station. A natural filtering system for the water. This sector is also used as a public park education many of the younger residents on how the station functions.

Small domesticated fauna can be found on the station however much of the fauna DNA is still stored. A person can buy fauna with a license or if they have the right contacts can have DNA taken from storage.

Culture: There is a mixture of cultures from old to new. It is clear this is where the Core and the Verge meet. Everyone from Elite’s to the working class can be found mingling together. The main rule everyone follows is that one has to pull their weight. No one would be able to be at the station if they did not contribute in some way.

Supernaturals are welcomed on the station. Many finding refugees within the society onboard. Still, despite this many Supernaturals refrain from using their powers out in public. The Unity Security Service is ever present on board and can be seen doing patrols. Mainly dealing with disputes. There has been a crackdown on dangerous illegal dealings, however, no one is surprised when one operation makes the general news and security has been known to look the other way.

Economy: Trade and favors is the preferred economy on the station and planetside. Many still use credits especially if ordering something outside the system. The Merchant Union keeps sure that credits are in circulation and that any favors are upheld. There are a number of business giants upon the station and the presence can be seen everywhere but even private business owners have found profit on the station.

Governance: Unity Security Service is the police service upon the station. Covering everything from everyday disputes to cybercrimes. Many are retired military personnel that have been sponsored for the job. They are known for their distinct uniforms and have a dedicated section of the station as the headquarters, which includes a few holding cells.
There are private security firms available though there are rumors of corruption within them.

Travel: Travelling to the system can be difficult thanks to the Hellsgate sitting just outside the Stygian Gate though the residents have got the coordinates for a safe passage through. The gate and system are patrolled regularly as there have been incidents of pirates. Trade can take a little longer to get through but most times the cargo is dropped at a safety point and is then retrieved.

General travel upon the station is by shuttle or private vehicles. All using solar power or recyclable technology that allows for minimum waste. There are also regular shuttles to Portlock on Vorix. Vehicles specially designed to survive the harsh environments can be found on Vorix.

Technology: Technology can be considered high tech especially with maintaining the artificial atmosphere of the station. However, trade in tech is in high demand as repairs and upgrades become readily available on the market. Many of the residents within the system create their own designs for their own needs.

Rare: Aqua Regia can be found on planets.
Uncommon: Hyperpolymers can be mined and recycled.
Common: All Available.

Appendix IV – Supernatural Considerations:

Leadership Structure: There are multiple representatives for both Mortal and Supernaturals. Many who hold this position are respected within the community or elders. Many things are agreed upon votes within the Council Hall.

If there is an incident the Unity Security will take charge and have the power to shut down sections of the station if needed. However, any dispute can be petitioned at the Council. The punishments can range from community work to full banishment from the station and system. Despite this structure, many Supernatural groups take it upon themselves to settle their own disputes. Unity Security and Council happy to turn a blind eye to such dealings.

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