Noctis Libertatem VSS

Noctis Libertatem
Phoenix IA sect VSS
Domain Code:AZ-010-D

“In the truest sense Freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved”
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Description: Phoenix has been an Independent Alliance city for a little over two years. Phoenix was formerly a stronghold for the Camarilla, but after the beckoning and repeated Sabbat raids the Camarilla was devastated and left bereft until Emanuel De Garza a Lasombra of the IA stepped in and claimed Praxis on July 20th of 2018.

VSS Boundaries: Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Carefree, New River, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Surprise, Litchfield Park, Avondale, Tolleson, Mesa, Gilbert, Casa Grande, Stanfield, Blackwater, Coolidge, Randolph, Florence, Apache Junction, Youngberg, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Queen Valley, Buckeye, Liberty, Goodyear, Wickenburg, Maricopa, Indian Reservations, Southern Tonto National Forest, White Tank Mountain Regional Park, McDowell Mountain Regional Park, South Mountain Park, Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

Storyteller Names and Focus: IVST/VST

VSS Territory Guide: The Phoenix Metro area has a large number of IA loyal Kindred, as well as a few allowed outsiders living within its boundaries. Any Anarchs that have stayed in the Area have been allowed to live in the Buckeye Area, while The remaining Camarilla have been allowed to reside in the Apache Junction area. Unaligned Kindred are allowed to live in the city of Maricopa. The Kindred in these areas are allowed to feed in these territories, but they do not own these areas and all new members of these sects must gain permission to live in the areas assigned.

Phoenix, AZ
Territory Type: Independent Alliance

Description: The IA have only gained control of the domain in the last 2 years or so. The Camarilla had left the city to the Hunters and focused their efforts in rebuilding elsewhere. Seeing the weakness Emanuel seized the opportunity and claimed Praxis with little to no conflict. He has spent the last 2 years calling in all the IA that he could to create a stronghold in the Southwest.

He has created the Independence Night, a gathering and celebration held every year on July 21st to celebrate the founding of the Phoenix court and the continued freedom that all IA members live in. All are welcome at this event, including outsiders as long as they abide by the sect and domain’s laws. Everyone should be able to see and experience the Freedom that the IA provides if even for a night.

Territory Timeline:

12/01/1881 – Camarilla establishes the first Praxis of Phoenix
08/05/1914 – Camarilla and Sabbat enter into heavy conflict over the City
04/12/1920 – Anarch movement establishes foothold in Buckeye
09/21/1941 – Treaty between the Anarch movement and Camarilla ends tensions between the factions in the city.
10/06/1961 – Tensions between Anarchs and Camarilla reignites and verges on open hostility
02/19/1980 – Peace treaty is again reestablished between Anarchs and Camarilla
11/29/2001 – The Camarilla is assaulted by the Sabbat out of Bisbee and Tombstone in a week long series of attacks that leaves the city weakened
06/01/2007 – The Camarilla aid the Anarchs from Buckeye as well as the Militia in their assault of Tombstone though victorious both sides suffer heavy losses
10/31/2011 – The beckoning takes most of the Camarilla leadership leaving them vulnerable
01/18/2014 – The Second Inquisition strikes the Camarilla and Anarchs hard leaving few survivors and destroying the hold the Camarilla had on the city.
07/21/2018 – Emanuel De Garza takes control of the city for the Independent Alliance and establishes a Domain.
07/21/2019 – The first Freedom Night is hosted in Phoenix

OOC Information
Overseeing Storyteller: VST information on current VST)

Theme: Dark Intrigue
Mood: Competitive
Style Elements:


Storyteller Notes: This is a Social CvC style game with plots coming from both National and Local. The game will be run once a month. These will be IA games where the majority of characters are in the IA sect and 15-20% given to unaligned and characters of other sects. There will be 10-15% of total venue census slots open for Elders with a maximum of one going to unaligned or rival sect.

The venue is going to follow all current MES settings and all players are recommended to familiarize themselves with the settings documents.

Proxy Rules
All Proxies will need to be sent at least 24 hours in advance to be allowed to participate in games, online/email scenes will be allowed as soon as both the VST’s have given permission to the PC to Proxy. All Proxies need to include, a full character sheet with Xp log, the reason for attending, the method of travel to and from this Domain, and any live characters that the character will be visiting/ staying with. Visiting players should submit a full character sheet with XP log at least 24 hours before attending a game.

Attendance and Activity
All characters that do not take an outsider/elder slot and hold an IC position that do not attend 6 or more games in a row may have the character removed from the held IC position to free it up for other players. Any character that holds a slot as an outsider/Elder that does not attend 2 out of 6 games may have the character removed to free up the slot for another player. Any character that is inactive for 4 or more months (no attendance at games or submitted downtimes) will no longer be considered to contribute to shared backgrounds and other players using them will have 30 days to purchase the background or lose access to it, until inactive character becomes active again.

All above requirements can be waived by the VST, given acceptable and exceptional reasoning, at their discretion.

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