Domain Charities

Our Domain has indicated that they would like to support the following charities for the remainder of 2019:

Arizona Animal Welfare league

Arizona’s oldest and largest no-kill shelter, offering housing and support for animals in need. AAWL also offers educational opportunities for the community as well as youth opportunities and a low cost veterinary clinic. AAWL offers opportunities for foster care for animals, volunteering, cash and supply donations.

BackPack 4 Kids

Founded in 2015 by 11 year old Kaitlyn Martinez – BackPack 4 kids seeks to ensure that every child can succeed in school by providing free school supplies. Additionally, BackPack for kids supplies Love Bundles for children in shelters and foster care, hygiene kits to children who may not have access to hygiene products otherwise, and Holiday gifts for children in need. BackPack 4 Kids offers opportunities for fund raising, donations (cash and supplies) and welcomes volunteers to help organize their “store” on weekends.

Child Crisis Center

Child Crisis Arizona’s mission is to provide Arizona’s children a safe environment, free from abuse and neglect, by creating strong and successful families. We do this through prevention, intervention and education programs designed to support the thousands of children and families who may be at risk. All of our work centers on our vision of safe kids…strong families.

Child Crisis Center offers opportunities for volunteering, cash and supply donations.

Lost Our Home

Founded in 2008 as a grassroots response to the housing crisis that left thousands of people displaced and thousands of pets abandoned, Lost Our Home provides no-kill options for pet owners who are being displaced and cannot take their pets with them. Additionally, they offer a pet-food back and a low-income boarding program. Lost Our Home is also partnered with the Sojourner Center and manages a companion pet shelter so women escaping violence can keep their pets while they heal. The main shelter is being renovated at present, but supplies/donations and volunteers are still needed.

I want to help, but how?

So you may be wondering, how can you help out with the Domain’s chosen charities?  There are several things that you can do:

Wish list(s)

Each of our chosen charities have a list of items that they need (or would like to have) you may purchase those items and either:

  • have them delivered
  • deliver them yourself
  • make arrangements to drop them off at game/meeting and someone will collect them for you.   

Donated items should have pictures taken of them (or copies of receipts) sent to the Coordinator’s office for recording.   


Charities all enjoy monetary donations.   You are welcome to donate to each Charity individually as you see fit.  Please send a copy of your donation receipt to the Coordinator’s office for recording.

Per Coord 225 – donations to charities should reference MES in the receipt. “Receipts should include Mind’s Eye Society.  This allows organizations that work with the MES to provide overall totals on contributions and helps to make a positive impact on the community.”


Charities can’t make things happen without hands to help. Each of our chosen charities have options for persons to volunteer and help out.  If you would like to do so – feel free!  If you would like to get a group of friends together and work on a specific evening/weekend – you are empowered to do so. The Domain will probably be sponsoring a couple of these opportunities once the weather gets cooler. Pictures of yourself and/or your team will be required as validation. Please send these to the Coordinator’s Office.


Should you desire to claim prestige for your activities:

Prestige is awarded based on the monetary value of the donation (unless a specific drive is being sponsored which dictates otherwise). 

  • Prestige will be awarded at 1G for every $3 donated for MONETARY donations.
  • Prestige will be awarded at 1 G prestige for every $2 in PHYSICAL ITEMS donated to a local sanctioned Charity.
  • Prestige will awarded based on number of hours volunteered. 10 G Prestige will be awarded for EVERY HOUR of volunteering at one of our chosen charities

Social/Non-Game Support (Up to 50 per month, but no single bullet point can yield more than 30 prestige per month)

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific activity for one of these Charities, please contact the Coordinator ( or Kristen (

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