Apocalypse Updates

Hey there folks,
Sorry for the spammy emails for the Apoc Game – the Calendar was being fussy! 🙂  It's all up to date – our first game is slated for Saturday, Dec 4th in the evening!
To that end, please ensure you get your characters on the database!
You will want to make sure to include your Full XP log (including the creation points spent), your CCD and any approvals you need for your character type.
A good character sheet to use for this chronicle can be found here –
You will need to make a copy of the sheet to your Google Drive.
I am also asking for one more step, please submit a Low Approval on your character to join the VSS. I recognize this is an extra step – but it will provide an approval number for your character, that other STs can use to reference should you attend a remote or virtual game.
Hope to see more characters pop up on the database!
Also, we do have a wiki – I've been working on it a bit at a time.  Please check it out and let me know if you'd like to see other things on it.
Thanks all!
Bryan Himebaugh
AZ-010-D Apocalypse VST

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