Apocalypse Survey and Proposed VSS

Hey folks,

Here are the results of the Survey for people's interest in Apocalypse – please note, no one's choice of Rank/Tribe/Etc are set in stone, this was just to help suss out the VSS and get an idea on people's thoughts. The proposed VSS is at the end of this email!

For a better breakdown, since the labels aren't clear:
Undecided 37.5% (6)
Bastet 12.5%  (2)
Fianna 12.5%  (2)
Children of Gaia 6.3%  (1)
Glass Walkers 6.3%  (1)
Kitsune 6.3%  (1)
Nuwisha 6.3%  (1)
Ratkin 6.3%  (1)
Uktena 6.3%  (1)
NOW!  For the VSS!

Since Garou led won by a small amount, that's what was selected.  The same goes for Urban over Rural – though in this instance, it may seem more rural than not. This is due to the requirement / approvals needed for a centralized city Caern/Sept in the VSS creation guide:

All Shard Caerns should be located at least 2+ miles outside of the heart of a city (roughly a 10 minute drive from its center) or other Weaver-influenced area. Any VSS wishing to maintain a Shard Caern inside of these limits will require Top approval.

We're 2+ miles away from the city center of Phoenix, and over 10 minutes drive – though still surrounded by the city.

Without further ado, here's the proposed VSS:

I'm waiting on access to the dmh.garou@gmail.com email address – once I have that I'll start getting everything else in order.

Thank you!

Bryan Himebaugh

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