Announcements from Last Night

Hello DMHers!
We had a few announcements from last night – I'll reiterate them here, for the people who could not make it to the virtual game!
From the Masquerade VST:
  • Raffles are going on, going forward.  Get plot stuff, status, etc!  2$ per ticket, or 5$ for 3 tickets.
  • Virtual games will be going on through September. After that, barring any further pandemic issues, we'll be doing live games for Masquerade.
  • For virtual games, combat will be run via the quest system.
  • On the quest system for combat I wanted everyone to know that if it is decided to go after a dangerous target then the consequences will rise accordingly. There may be stronger consequences including Torpor, grievous injuries  and the like. I will be doing this to demonstrate the danger that the group is facing. To be clear the consequences will be stated before the group sets out.
From the DST:
  • As stated in my email from a few days ago, I'm going to be doing Audits over the next month of vampire sheets. Please make sure they are up to date and you have appropriate apps put in.
From the DC:
  • As I mentioned on the list, we've been given a go ahead for live Featured Games in 2022!  So expect an all call soon for people wanting to help coordinate and plan our FG.
  • Also, please note that email is the preferred method of contacting staff outside of Discord games.
  • Masquerade live game next month will be up in the northwest side of the valley – Mike and Stephanie have offered to host!  Be on the lookout for address and house rules.
Thanks all!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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