Domain Social Success and Masquerade Announcements

Hello DMHers!
Last night we had a fantastic turn out for our first live Social in… forever. 🙂  Something about a nasty quarantine and pandemic!  Legitimately, it made my year seeing all of you. We had a total of thirteen people show up to socialize and talk Masquerade.  Thank you all, seriously.
Reminder for all, there's a live game tomorrow for Masquerade!  Arrange rides, make plans, come on down. Information can be found at this calendar link:
Please make sure you bring your vaccine card, or a photo of it you can show me. If you have shown me already, at the social or otherwise, you will be good.
We plan on having snacks available – bring some if you feel up to it!  We have plenty of water, but you may wish to bring your drinks of choice!
I've a few points that Casey brought up last night, that I'll reiterate as well:
1. Downtimes: For this cycle, he is accepting downtimes up until 5pm on this Saturday, for this coming game. You might receive your response at the game, but he will accept them. Email them to
2. Approvals: Make sure you are on top of your approvals. Morality Merits, Rarity Merits, Generations and other items are approvals. Please note, there are Mid level approvals too (approved by our DST). They can be found here:
3. Prince: The NPC Prince is not maintainable for Casey – the goal was to have people vying for the position. There are people who have methods to help people claim the title, if they want. 🙂  Discuss it IC (discreetly is likely best) and talk to Casey! He can give you tips/suggestions.
4. AVSTs: Casey has two AVSTs at this time, Iria who handles game stuff – and Sarah who submits reports.
I am sure Casey will add more as he recalls from last night. 😀
Again, thank you all so much for showing up.  Discord, the Pandemic, COVID – all this has been so rough on our club, our socializing and our fun.  I am truly glad we are coming to a better place where we can reconnect with each other as people and gamers.

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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