Masquerade News – Live Games!

Hello DMHers!
We've got some news on our Masquerade, the 13th Hour game.
After speaking with Casey, I have the following news:
1. This upcoming game on the 19th will be cancelled, due to Casey's travel plans.
2. We've enough interest in live games, that we are starting Live Games, as of next month!
We'll have two games a month for Masquerade, one live (1st Saturday) and one virtual (3rd Saturday).

Please see below for the restrictions/rules for our Live Games:

1.   If you are feeling ill, or showing any signs of sickness, do not attend game. Period. XP for attendance is no longer a consideration, so do yourself and your fellow members the courtesy of staying home. I cannot stress this point enough.
2.   Please show the DC your vaccination card (either show it to them physically or if you are comfortable, send a photo.)  We'll be keeping notes on who has been immunized, with no other personal information other than you've had your shots or shot.
3.   Masks should still be worn in line with the posted CDC guidelines. Even if you are not showing symptoms, you could still be asymptomatic. Also make sure you are maintaining any local guidelines as well as the above.
4.   We will still be having a Virtual game on the 3rd Saturday of every month for a few months going forward. Please, if you can, attend that as well so our people who cannot make or are not comfortable can RP with you!
If you have any questions, please reach out to the DC email!
Thank you,

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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