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Hey folks,
I'd like to start a discussion on the feasibility of live games for our Domain.  The NC has advised that it is up to the local discretion of each Domain to host local live in-person games.  His announcement is posted below my signature.
I like his suggestions on the points to consider implementing for the live games.
I'd like to hear input on this, folks. 
What are your thoughts?

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D
To all members of the Modern Enigma Society,

I know it has been some months since we last addressed the issues of live
play with the pandemic, as well as the penalties that were laid out by the
NC and NST offices; specifically the statements that neither XP nor
prestige would be granted for the month for anyone who had been found
attending live games.

I will address the XP concern for now, as this is easily done. When this
was last brought up, the XP progression for any venue had not been
finalized. We have moved away from awarding XP based primarily around
attendance and instead every player now has the same XP for a given month
as any other in play, barring differences for MC level or event XP. Also,
with the recent handbook, all XP penalties have been removed as options
from arbitration. As such, there is currently no means nor method of
penalizing a player in any way with a loss of XP. I hope that this
clarifies this matter moving forward. I will be moving on to the greater
issue of live games in general.

This update is being delivered at this time due to the fact we have seen
notable changes within the world, which has prompted the question for the
timetable of live games once again, which is perfectly reasonable. For
clarity, this question has come from singular members, coordinators, and
other avenues of staff.

As a whole, the MES continues to hold to the fact that the club will not be
sponsoring any live events or games. This has been previously discussed
with the BoD and the NCA, along with the rest of National Staff. Club
events will be returning in 2022 at the current timeframe. This covers any
potential regional and national events, outside of online conventions run
through the NCA office.

However, domains are a different matter. We are seeing growing numbers that
are either mostly or fully vaccinated, as well as following restrictions as
laid out by the CDC and their local guidelines as well. To continue with
our previous stance in the wake of lifting restrictions and upheld
guidelines would be to ignore the efforts and changes for the positive
within the greater world. It is also simply not feasible for myself, or any
other officer, to understand or personally oversee each and every domain’s

After speaking with the Board of Directors, and giving this a great deal of
thought, It is the stance of the National Coordinator’s office that we will
leave the matter of live games to the discretion of their Domain
Coordinators. These are the officers who know their direct situations best,
not only of their membership but the local guidelines to follow for setting
up live play.

For this, however, I will highly recommend certain guidelines be upheld for
any domain wishing to host these events:

   1.   If you are feeling ill, or showing any signs of sickness, do not attend
   game. Period. As stated above, XP for attendance is no longer a
   consideration, so do yourself and your fellow members the courtesy of
   staying home. I cannot stress this point enough.
   2.    I recommend requiring vaccine cards showing someone to be fully
   vaccinated, or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of any live event.
   3.   Masks should still be worn in line with the posted CDC guidelines. Even
   if you are not showing symptoms, you could still be asymptomatic. Also make
   sure you are maintaining any local guidelines as well as the above.
   4.   Keep travel to an absolute minimum when you can; if nothing else, try to
   follow posted guidelines in your area (or the CDC) for how many should be
   in proximity to one another.
   5.   Online options should still be maintained for anyone who does not
   attend, for any reason (this can and does include personal choice to not
   attend a live event). No one should be penalized in any capacity for not
   showing in person, should a domain decide to host.

With those guidelines, let me make some points expressly clear. A DC, or
any officer (even a DST or VST), is fully within their rights and
responsibilities to deny someone entry or play if they appear sick. If, for
whatever reason, a DC decides not to host live games or gatherings, the MES
will not entertain any calls for referendums that are related to that
decision. Featured Games of the Month, as their purpose is to boost
attendance and invitations from those outside of a domain, are also not
recognized at this time, nor will they be considered or approved.

Any member who argues with or tries to undermine any of these points will
be held accountable to the standards found in the membership handbook.

In conclusion, no matter what any domain decides to do, the Modern Enigma
Society is ultimately not responsible for any actions members take for
their own personal well-being, nor can we be held accountable for choices
that are made in this regard. Once again, we will continue to not host any
live events at the National or Regional level at this time.

Thank you all for your time, patience, and understanding.

Phillip Trad

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