Fwd: [D-M-H] DST Election, 2020

Good Afternoon Domain of Phoenix,

Many thanks to your previous DST, Michael Day, for their time in office and the efforts they've put forth on behalf of the club.

The time has now come to elect a new DST for your Domain

If you are interested in the position, please email your application to the following email addresses:

1.) swrst@sw.modernenigmasociety.org 

2.) sw.arst.admin@sw.modernenigmasociety.org 

Please make sure the Subject line of your email reads 'Domain of Phoenix, 2020 DST Election', and please make sure your application is sent to ALL of the above emails.

Applications must include all of the following:

– Identification: Name, Membership Number

– Contact Information: Email, Phone Number – May be redacted when distributed to the electorate

– Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals are during your term of office.

– Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to accomplish the goals stated in your objective.

– Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as well as any relevant Non-Club Experience.

– Disciplinary Actions: Disclose any non-extreme disciplinary actions received within the last 2 years. Extreme Disciplinary actions must be disclosed regardless of how much time has passed. Notices of Guidance (Formerly known as Letters of Counseling) do not need to be disclosed.

– A statement asserting that the applicant is a paid member of MES

– A statement asserting that the applicant has completed all required Membership and Storyteller Standards, or a stated intention to complete within thirty days. 

The application period will end on 12/13/2020, at which time the candidates will be announced and the voting period will begin.


Conner Nigrovic



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