Important: 2021 Featured Game – Survey

Hello folks,

There has been news released today from the NST regarding the proposed starting months for the upcoming BNS venues (Apocalypse, Changeling, Masquerade, and Sabbat).  In short, please see below for the proposed starting schedule:

Mid January: Approvals for Masquerade and Changeling.

Mid February: Hard start for Masquerade and Changeling. Begin approvals for

Mid March: Hard start for Apocalypse. Begin approvals for Sabbat.

Mid April: Hard start for Sabbat.

This new information does throw a wrench in our plans for a Featured Game, as none of the venues who were supposed to be launching will be ready. These venues were the most popular choice in our Domain as to which venues to host.

We're opening up this survey to determine if we'd like to move forward with hosting a Featured Game at all this year, as it would be virtual and likely all historic games.

Please answer the survey below by Sunday, December 6th.  Members who answer will be awarded 5 General Prestige for their input.

Thank you!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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