Regarding Weapon Props at Live Games

Hello DMHers!

This was in last month's Domain Coordinator Report – but I wanted to make sure it was reiterated for everyone.

Regarding the possibility of weapons props at hosted live events.

This will be determined on a per site, per VST basis.  The site, public or private, may not allow for prop/replica weapons. The VST may or may not allow for the same, but must abide by the site requirements.

Metal/Live weapons (swords, axes, etc) are not permitted, period. Foam replicas, wooden replicas are possible, depending on the actual prop. Any firearm props must be clearly obvious that they are not real, and must remain holstered regardless.

Should the Modern Enigma Society rules be more restrictive, we will follow their set guidelines.

Thank you!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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