Fwd: [Us-general] Update for Live Games

Hey folks,
Update from the NC on the status of live games – short answer, still no live games.  To be revisited on 1/1/2021.
Thank you all!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ-010-D

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From: US National Coordinator <nc@c.modernenigmasociety.org>
Date: Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 6:12 PM
Subject: [Us-general] Update for Live Games
To: US General <us-general@lists.mindseyesociety.org>, <us-announce@lists.mindseyesociety.org>

To all members of the Modern Enigma Society,

I want to thank all of you who have shown us patience with the last month
of time. We appreciate that, and the understanding for our officers with
trying to balance a vast change in how we act and proceed with the growing
pandemic and its effect on our ability to have live events or games.

Given the continued growth and danger that is poised, however, my stance
has not changed after speaking with the Board of Directors. It would be
irresponsible and unforgivable at this junction to promote, run, or
validate live games or conventions, or other in-person meetings on any
large scale. Our policy to not hold or run live games will be continuing.
Instead, we will be focusing on our online options, including locally
hosted events and games, as well as other events such as the online
national convention that is being planned. However, live games will still
not be encouraged or promoted, nor will any such event be granted VIP,
Prestige, or XP.

While I understand various areas are facing these issues at different
levels, and some have not been hit as hard as others, this is not a
decision I can truly piecemeal as long as the current trends continue.
While I understand this is not the decision anyone wishes to hear, and we
all wish to return to live play, I cannot condone any act that would put
even a single member’s health at any risk. I and the Board would be
negligent in our responsibilities to all of you.

With this, I will also be releasing updated policies to clarify member
access to functions that involve either play or information for our venues
and club. Expect another email from this office relatively soon.

At this time, I am extending this to the first of the year. If any sort of
massive change occurs in that time, this policy may be re-visited. However,
barring that, we will reflect on the ability to promote live events after
Jan 1, 2021.

Again, thank you for your time, and your patience with us.


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