VIP, Prestige and You!

Hey folks,
Just to clear some things up as they have been coming up lately:
VIP: I only update your VIP on my list with what you are awarded from the DST or DC, and what you report to me in terms of spending and what is on your log when you turn in your prestige/VIP log.
Unfortunately, VIP is nigh untrackable, as there are no databases or reports that I can search for on the site to indicate what you are getting for your volunteering. This is something that is supposed to be tracked by the player with the DC being made aware of what is coming in and going out. 
As I mentioned, right now, there is no real efficient way of doing so.  SO!  To get your VIP in my report:
1. I will enter in that which is awarded by the DST and DC office.
2. It is required by the player to advise the VST and DC when VIP is spent.  This will also be in my report.
3. When you submit your Prestige Report – you can enter in what you have earned in accordance with the VIP Guidelines and I will update my report.
This is a trust fall – I have no reason to doubt you.  Do not give me reason, or I will request the full extent of any punishment this would garner.
There is, or rather was, a form to submit any Prestige earnings.  I do not have access to the responses, so I have removed it from the Webpage.
I can and will record the Prestige that you earn from the DC, VST and DST awards. I will also accept your prestige logs, with links, and confirm those awards in my report.
To make sure you get the prestige you are due:
1. Submit your prestige log to me!
2. Do stuff in the Domain for prestige!
3. Do stuff elsewhere for Prestige, report it in your log with a link!
4. Renew early, send receipt to me for prestige!
5. Do standards, I get notified of those and will include them in my report!
I am really hoping the NTA will have a better grasp on the potential database for Prestige and VIP.
Thanks for listening! 🙂
Keep safe out there!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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