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More info on the upcoming Masq (non-Sabbat) chronicle!

Bryan Himebaugh
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Afternoon all,

I wanted to take a moment and fill people in on the RSTs office plans for
the 2020 Chronicle.

*Regional Timeline*
In an effort to foster more interconnectivity between our local games I
plan to implement a Regional Timeline once we receive the official global
timeline for the 2020 Chron. This timeline will be put together by my aRST
Masquerade, Janus Pastor (Say Hi Janus!). He will be working with the local
STs to put together a regional timeline with plenty of events that PCs who
lived in the region may participate in.

*Participation in these events cost no VIP.*

I do not intend to write regional Plotkits for the 2020 Masquerade Chron.
Instead each month my aRST will review the plots being run on the local
level and identify those they feel would be a good fit to be moved up to
regional scope. Provided the presigin VST for the plot agrees, my aRST will
work with them to expand the scope of their plot while still leaving
control of the plot with the VST who initially wrote it. The exception
would be if the VST who wrote the plot would like for the aRST to become
the primary point of contact, in which case Janus will do so.

*If you are a VST and have an idea for a plot to elevate, or if you think
one of your existing plots would be a good fit, please email me and my aRST

*Launching the New Chronicle*
I would like to speak with everyone that is interested in being a VST for
the 2020 Masquerade Chronicle. I intend to put together a Google Group so
that the STs of the SW Region can communicate directly with one another and
coordinate their stories if desired. So if you are interested, please email
me and my aRST Masquerade ( sw.arst.masquerade@gmail.com ) so that we can
hear your ideas and help integrate them into our regional Timeline.

I look forward to all the stories that we'll get to tell together!

*Conner Nigrovic*

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