Masquerade Chronicle Terminus Plan & New Chronicle Launch

Hello All,
Information on our upcoming Masquerade venue!

Bryan Himebaugh
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Good Afternoon Southwest Region,

I wanted tot take a moment to share information regarding the end of our
current Masquerade Chron and the beginning of our new one.

*The 2017 Chronicle*

National Plot arcs for the 2017 Masq. Chron will come to a Conclusion at
ONE Summer in July. Hard RP (Full sheets and Mechanics) for the 2017 Chron
will end on July 31st.

The month of August will be used to wrap up local storylines. The NSTs
office has advised that *we (The ST Chain) will not be processing appeals
for the 2017 Chronicle that were not already on the books prior to the day
before ONE Summer. *This means that you will not be able to file an appeal
for scenes that occur after that date.

That being said – All conflict for the month of August for the 2017
Chronicle will need to be mediated. If it cannot be mediated, then it did
not happen. August 30th will be the final day of the 2017
Masquerade Chronicle

*The 2020 Chronicle*

The official launch of the 2020 Chron is set to occur at MESCON 2020.
MESCON 2020 will be the first live game of the Chronicle.

Historical games for the 2020 Chron will begin in August. The NSTs office
has not advised what day in August, so once I have that information I will
be sure to pass it along.

Database Access for the 2020 Chron will begin starting in September. This
will allow VSTs and the RSTs office to review and approve VSSs for
October's live launch.

What does this mean for Local games in October?

Local games in October that occur before MESON 2020 will need to be
Historical games, *HOWEVER* STs should award Chronicle XP as opposed to
Historical XP for PCs that play in those games.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them – I will answer to
the best of my ability.
*Conner Nigrovic*

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