Featured Game Poll Results

Hey folks,
We've had a good turn out for our Featured Game of the Month formatting survey. We've had some people from outside of our Domain check in too.
From the results, a staggeringly overwhelming desire is seen to have four different venues played over the weekend:

That will be the format we'll go with, venues permitting. If there are not four venues/VSS operating at that time, we may speak with the DST to see if they have an inkling to run an unmanned venue, or if we'll swap to another viable schedule format.

Below are the current results from the question on which venue(s) to run.

Going by the first choice prevalence, then second choice winners in the case of a tie, below are the selected venues.  Again, this is assuming we have VSS in place and the venue is open to be played:

1) Vampire: the Masquerade (Non-Sabbat)
2) Changeling: the Dreaming
3) Werewolf: the Apocalypse
4) Space: the Infinite Edge (Sabbat had no 1st choice selection, CoD-x / Space were tied until 3rd choice).
Any questions?  Concerns?

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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