Board COVID Charity/Live Game Update, May 6th

Hello All,
Please note the updates from our BOD/National Officers –
In short, the NST is awarding:
  1. Full Monthly XP for all eligible characters until further notice.
  2. Event XP per character per month until further notice.
  3. 2 VIP per member per month until further notice.
  4. Members may not claim XP awards for live games until further notice.
There is more information regarding national prestige and VIP earning via an upcoming charity drive – please see below for more details.
Thank you,

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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Date: Wed, May 6, 2020 at 8:28 PM
Subject: [Us-announce] Board COVID Charity/Live Game Update, May 6th
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Good Evening, MES:

We hope that you, your families and friends are all healthy, both mentally
and physically, as we continue to live in these uncertain times.

We have received a number of inquiries from members in states where
stay-at-home restrictions are either being reduced, or are not in place,
regarding the resumption of hosting live games. As always, we must — as
outlined in our Code of Conduct — abide by local, state and federal laws
and directives, as well as following the advice of the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC).

It is the preference of the Board, and our National officers, to promote
continued social distancing for the health and well-being of our members
when-ever and where-ever possible. To that end, it is our recommendation
that domains continue to use virtual mediums for social and game
interactions until further notice.

We would like to further encourage continued social distancing practices:
The NST is currently offering full monthly XP earnings for all member
characters.  The National Storyteller has additionally approved the earning
of 2 event XP (over cap) per character and 2 VIP per member per month until
further notice, where groups do not host live socials or games. Members may
not claim XP awards for live games until further notice.

These are trying times for the world and we would like to encourage our
members to support their local communities through our mission of charity.

The National Coordinator’s office, at the direction of the Board, will be
working to create a generous National COVID-19 charity drive with a
National Prestige and VIP earning structure for members who organize,
and/or participate, in support of their local communities. Donations of
materials, time (following local safety guidelines), supplies and money to
local food banks, blood banks, nursing homes, animal shelters, homeless
shelters and other institutions supporting hard hit populations will be
viable — and broadly approved — to earn National Prestige and VIP awards.
One can not fail to see local and National press on the growing needs in
each of our local communities for contributions and supplies needed to
support some of our most vulnerable populations.

For reasons of legality and fairness, the club as a whole can not organize
charity donations for specific members (even our scholarship program
management is through a third-party).  However, we do heartily encourage
our Domains to check in with their members, to actively support and aid
each other in this time of need. To safely reach out to isolated members,
dropping off supplies for those in need, running errands for the sick or
disabled, etc.

Now is the time to set aside disagreements, and be the community — and
strength in our larger communities — that has been a part of our
organizational mission since the outset.

Our best wishes for the health and safety of all!

Jen Kuiper

on behalf of, The MES Board of Directors
*Jen Kuiper*
MES Director, Trustee
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