Call for Applications: South West Regional Storyteller

Hello All,
An All-Call has been sent for the position of Regional Storyteller. Information can be found below.

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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This is very important, so please read all the information within.

Regional Storyteller is one of the most difficult jobs within our
organization, and I would like to thank Travis Clark for his dedicated
service as RST. He has requested we run an election early, and we wish
him well on his future endeavors.

At this time, at the behest of the National Storyteller, I am making
an all call for the position of South West Regional Storyteller.

Please email your applications to the following proctors:

-Project Lead Demographics (myself):

-aNST Chief of Staff:

-National Storyteller (NST):

Applications will be accepted for the position for the next week and a
half, until *05/01/2020* at 11:59 PM EST.

*The RST possesses the following duties, responsibilities, and
authority to the region’s members and to other storytellers:*

-Establish chronicle continuity and history within the parameters
defined by supervising storytellers
-Act as mentor to, and assist members with, character creation,
learning game rules and addenda, and becoming familiar with the
chronicle setting
-Sanction characters for participation in the global sanctioned chronicle
-Enact immediate corrective action as described in Chapter 7 of the
Membership Handbook when necessary
-Recommend prestige from prestige budget to members assisting with
officer duties
-Maintain the official record of character sheets, including complete
experience point logs, for all characters for which they are the
Direct Storyteller
-Create and implement suitable plotlines
-Create and introduce appropriate NPCs (The Storyteller may portray
these characters or assign members to portray them)
-Run games, downtime scenes, and proxies within the parameters defined
by supervising storytellers
-Award experience points/traits to characters
-Conduct investigations for game-related issues and enact
Storyteller-based disciplinary actions (See Disciplinary Action).
-Conduct pre-game player and character sheet check-in for both local
and visiting characters for venues, games, and special events under
their direct jurisdiction to ensure the characters conform to the VSS
and are suitable for the game
-File a monthly status report to their supervising Storyteller (See
Reports and Reporting)
-Facilitate conflict resolution between players for in-game issues
(See Conflict Resolution)
-Create and/or conduct regular reviews of Venue Style Sheets (VSS) for
venues, games and special events under their direct jurisdiction
-Clarify or adjust the storytelling jurisdiction of any Storyteller
below them in their chain, whether as an assistant or elected, to
prevent conflicts of jurisdiction between Storytellers
-Modify or veto plotlines within their jurisdiction
-Require a player to provide full character sheet, experience trait
log, and character background
-Interpret rules for scenes and make other necessary storytelling decisions
-Freeze a scene or characters within their jurisdiction
-Assume storytelling jurisdiction for a character, plotline, NPC,
item, or investigation
-Specific authority: May deliver disciplinary actions up to a severe
offense after conducting an investigation, recommend prestige for
DSTs, and review open items pending High approval according to
sanctioned rules.
-Required responsibilities: File an on-time monthly report in the
format determined by the NST, review open items pending High approval
according to sanctioned rules, run any plot kits and/or settings
changes required by the storyteller chain, hold at least one ST
meeting or regional education session in the month, manage cross-venue
out-of-game character actions within jurisdiction, and recommend
prestige for the DSTs.

*Per the Membership Handbook, the minimum qualifications for RST are:*

-Completed Membership and Storyteller Standard (Ordeal/Test), or a
stated intention to complete within thirty days.
-Membership in the club for the previous calendar year.
-One year storytelling experience as a primary officer or a titled
-Demonstrated experience in an administrative role for one year.

*Per the Membership Handbook, applications will require the following
information to be included:*

-Identification: Name, Membership Number
-Contact Information: Email, Phone Number – (Phone number will be
redacted when distributed to the electorate)
-Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during your
term of office.
-Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to
accomplish the goals stated in your objective.
-Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as
well as any relevant Non-Club Experience. Applicants must describe how
they meet the minimum criteria for the position as described in the
chart below.
-Disciplinary Actions: Please see the Full Disclosure Policy below and
the Disciplinary Action Section of the Membership Handbook for more
-A statement asserting that the applicant is a paid member of MES

*Election Timeline:*
-All Call: 04/22/2020 to 05/01/2020

-Q/A Phase: 05/02/2020 to 05/09/2020

-Voting Phase: 05/10/2020 to 05/17/2020

-Winner Announced: No later than 05/20/2020

Please – ALL MEMBERS, join the following Google Group for the eventual
Q/A. It is preferable if you join it before Q/A begins. In an
accelerated process, members will be able to ask questions (one
*THREAD* per member) and candidates can respond. Follow-up questions
from that member can be asked in the SAME thread:!forum/mes-sw-rst-election
Thank you, and good luck!

-James Foster
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