Domain Coordinator Updates

Hello All,
Just a few touch points from the Domain Coordinator's office – some were announcements at pre-games, etc.
Standards: You can earn MC, and more importantly, learn about the Mind's Eye Society and the functions within by taking Standards (formerly known as Ordeals)! If you are at all interested in taking a position, or have one currently, I strongly recommend the Storyteller and Coordinator standards. They are good information and it's a good way to earn prestige that goes above and beyond the monthly cap. Please remember that when you complete them, let the DC's office know!
Perception: We are in strange times, we are all facing all sorts of stress – life is doing it's best to test us. Keep healthy, and please give yourself plenty of time to evaluate things said.  We are all very much reactionary, due to seclusion, isolation and various anxieties. Be good to one another, and remember they are just as wound up as you in these trying times.

Don Cassano: We received our refund from Don Cassano – huzza for that! The reservations have been cancelled through May – we haven't paid past April at this point. Once things clear up with social distancing, we'll make sure our reservations are upheld.

Changeling Social: We have the Social coming up on the 24th for Changeling, people are pumped for the new venue. We've got two interested parties in running the game, so come out, give them your feed back and chat with others about ties/concepts.

FGotM 2021: We are going to start planning meeting with the Domain, likely over Discord. We've got a good indication that the Venues that will be available are Apocalypse, Camarilla/Anarch, Changeling and Sabbat. The verdict is still out on CoD-X and Space being available. We will have the site like we did this year, Friday from noon, through Saturday at 12am.  Look out for more info on that.
Socials: I am sure my Socials team will be sending out more polls and surveys to see if there's a way we can connect and hang out in these difficult times virtually. Look for more communications on that.
MC and Prestige: As the Domain Coordinator, I can award up to MC 8 without having to pass the information on to Regional. Please note, members are responsible for tracking their own prestige and requesting a raise in MC. It is not automatic, it still requires approval from the Domain Coordinator.  It's not that I have any intention of denying requests, but I do need document the change in MC and keep it in records. If you need help with your prestige log, please reach out the ADC Prestige.
Thanks all,

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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