Changeling: The Socials!

Hello folks,
We had a good turn out for our social survey – thank you all for participating!  We had a split for days and a bit of a snafu in my design of the survey – we're going to power through that!
To better get everyone involved, we'll be having two (2) socials for Changeling: The Dreaming this month! Come out and talk concepts, talk ties, talk to the two possible candidates for VST (Leland and Zach)!
Both will take place on Discord, as the stay-at-home mandate is in effect. Sorry for the short notice for this weekend's social. 🙂
Changeling Social #1 –
Saturday Evening, 4/4/2020 – 7pm – 12am (this coming Saturday, after Garou)
Changeling Social #2 –
Saturday Afternoon, 4/25/2020 – Noon – 6pm (Fourth Saturday, before Space)
Our Discord can be found at the link below:
I'll create a channel in the General section for the chatter, and throw a sign in sheet up in there!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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