Live Games Cancelled Through April

Hello DMHers!
As the title says, we're going to be cancelling our live games through April. The Don Cassano has already done so, and I expect Kiwanis to be shortly behind. I am not wanting to risk my home or the health of our membership to host at games, at this time.
That said, I am all in favor of the VSTs, should they want to, hosting virtual games.  
As per our NST's announcement –
As such effective immediately the global approval for online play for local VSSs is removed. The only requirement is an update to the VSS and a Regional Notification for tracking purposes.

Additionally members may now acquire their full XP for characters at the beginning of each month so they can make informed decisions on interacting with their domain without concern of character progressions.
If this is a route that the Domain wants to head in, please let me know.  I will work with the DST in establishing a Discord Server for DMH.
Stay safe, folks.  Stay healthy, and keep in touch.  It's going to be odd, but we'll make it through.

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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