DMH Discord Server

Hello DMHers,
I’ve setup a DMH discord server.  It is fairly barren – though I did make IC and OOC channels for each VSS.
Please note: The VSSs still need to put up the notification in the approvals database to utilize the virtual game options.
This server will /not/ replace our email lists for OOC announcements, or IC mail methods. If the VSTs choose to have games virtually, this is what the server is for.
I am all for assistance on this, as there are people moderating servers at this point who have more experience than I do. The VSTs will be made admins on their channels, and the DST will be made an Admin on the server as well.
When you log in, please change your nickname to your real name, if it isn’t already.
Thank you!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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