Fwd: [Us-general] Changeling the Dreaming Setting Documents & NSS – March 2020

Hello DMHers!
Below you'll find the NST's announcement regarding the upcoming BNS Changeling Venue, along with some documents.
As an aside, we've had two people comment that they would be interested in running a local Changeling game.
I'll be putting them in touch with the DST to firm up any details.
Thank you!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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Good Evening MES,

As a follow up on the NST's announcement regarding BNS Changeling please
find the initial release of the CtD NSS, Court guides for the Seelie,
Unseelie and Shadow Court. The Changeling the Dreaming survey made it clear
that a combination of End of Autumn and Wintertide, as such we present the
setting "Breaking Winter".

These documents follow the living document policy, and as such may be
utilized to help guide interactions during the historical games beginning
at the first Changeling Historical game of the 2020 Chronicle, next week
(Sat 03/14/20) at SERE. As per the NCA office's announcement day passes
will be available for SERE for $40.

Below is also included the link to the Nocker release from BNS from the
NSTs announcement.

*Breaking Winter NSS*

*Seelie Guide*

*Shadowcourt Guide*

*Unseelie Guide*


Karl Fox
MES ANST Chief of Staff
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