End of Chronicles, and Us!

Good Morning DMHers!

The end is nigh! Dogs and cats, living together – mass hysteria!

I wanted to touch base with the Domain about the ending of two of our current chronicles. Currently, we've been given confirmation that the Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle is coming to an end, likely in October. There has been some commentary that the Werewolf: The Apocalypse chronicle is also ending around the same time – but that's not been completely confirmed.

For many of us, this is both a good and bad thing.

The Good: We all get our creative juices flowing when it's time for a new chronicle, dreaming up new concepts, writing up fantastic backgrounds and reaching out to others to form ties and rivalries. Storytellers get to lay out a new map, with new plans for the steps forward in the stories they wish to tell, and the setting they want to craft locally. We often get new players, and older ones returning after a break.

The Bad: We lose focus and interest on the current chronicle. We tend to drift towards negative emotions. We drift off for other things.

It's a rough spot, often, for the current chronicle that is ending. Players stop showing up, positions jostle around in character and people tend to focus on the upcoming chronicle as opposed to the one we are finishing up. Trust me, I struggle with this as well.

What I would like to ask of all of us, is to do our best to curb our negativity. Our presentation of how we behave at and around our games, has a dramatic affect on those attending. Negative emotions can be infectious, and will generally dry up a game.

We have stories to tell, all the way to the end. Some players have goals they still want to accomplish, personal story arcs to explore, and simple good old-fashioned role-play to enjoy. We've had new players indicate interest in joining our Domain and games – we want to put our best foot forward and show them the fantastic group that we are.

Some suggestions to take to heart:

– While you may have had issues with the plots, stories or characters in the current chronicle – please avoid bashing or nay-saying them. Be positive, and polite. It's fine to have those issues, and please /do/ address them – but address them through the proper channels.

– Keep In Character! Too often we find ourselves in a lull at game – fill those times with RP. Meet characters you've not role-played with before! Strike up conversations! Enjoy the people around you, for their ability to role-play diverse and interesting concepts. OOC conversations in an IC area can cause all sorts of distractions and disrupt those trying to play.

– Focus on the current chronicle at game. While we are all excited for the new and upcoming chronicles, save the planning for them for conversations outside of game, and the socials and meetings about the next chronicle.

– Explore your options! The chronicle is winding down – look into completing your goals! Maybe even take your character in a different direction! Work with others – have fun, and help others have fun completing their goals as well!

We are all really creative people, with a shared outlet for our creativity. Let's focus on all the positive, without detracting from the current venues!

Bryan Himebaugh
DC – DMH AZ D010

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