Greetings and All Call

Hello DMHers!

Firstly, thank you for participating in the voting for DC.  I’m happy to have been elected to this position.  We have, as a Domain, always been striving for improvement and I look forward to continuing this forward momentum.

I’d like to take a moment to offer my sincerest thanks to Charmain for all her work within our Domain – both as a Coordinator, Event Manager, and Player. You did a hell of a job with the gaggle of gamers known as DMH.  Thank you Charmain, your efforts are very much appreciated.

As I mentioned in my application and the Q&A, I intend to bring people on board for assisting with the plethora of tasks that the Coordinator’s office manages. To those who have served as ADCs under Charmain, I am certainly welcoming you to put in for the All Call if you wish to retain your position.  I’d like to offer out an all call to any interested parties for the following positions:

ADC – A generalist position, one that I’d like to see filled by someone who holds interest in further becoming a Domain Coordinator and handling more responsibilities.

ADC Assets – Keeping track of our Domain assets – categorizing, storing and retrieving when needed.

ADC Charities – Help plot our Domain’s charity selections and activities relating to charities.

ADC New Players/Recruitment – These two go hand in hand, in helping find new players as well as help them navigate the rules and guidelines of our club.

ADC Prestige – Help with the Prestige Audits and tracking for our Domain members.

ADC Socials – Help plan and direct Socials – get our members together in a non-game environment to hang out and have fun!

If you are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to me at the DC’s email address.


Bryan Himebaugh

DC – DMH AZ D010

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