Season of Giving Socials

Happy Winter Holidays!


As we enter the time of year that focuses on sharing and giving, I wanted to reach out and encourage our members to discover ways of spending time together outside of the games we often enjoy.


If you look around this lovely Valley of the Sun, there are multiple options for lighted outdoor activities starting this weekend and running through the first of the year. Many of these activities also include music, food, shopping and an excuse to dress warm in our winter weather sans snow. Many also include options for seasonal gift gifting or donations to various charities.


To support the Winter Season of Giving, and to encourage members to be more social, I am going to try something new where out-of-game activities are concerned.


Season of Giving Social(s)


  • Attend one of the following events in the Valley listed below
  • Send a note to the list (or FB page) that you are going
  • Take at least 5 active MES members with you
  • Take pictures of your outing
  • Post them on our FB page
  • Tell our ADC Socials that you did a thing (
  • Get counted as a Social for activities and prestige


Each of these is a published event, and open to all members of MES, and I HEREBY APPROVE OF THESE FOR SOCIAL OPTIONS, so all that is left is YOU to decide where you are going, when, and who you are taking with you!


Let's be honest – the Valley is HUGE, we all have lives, and trying to nail down a single night where most of the Domain would be available is simply too much to ask of anyone. So.. solutions..


Options to attend for this opportunity



If we manage to put a single, unified, holiday social together for the entire Domain, we will get that posted up as well.


(Even if you don't go as an MES Social – I hope you all find time to go out and enjoy one of these holiday activities with your friends and family.)


Happy Holidays,




DC – DMH AZ D010


"We are the Love of Creation." – Kuan Yin

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