AZ-010-D -DST Voting Phase

Good Morning AZ-010-D,

I would like to announce the closing of the Question and Answer portion of this election and open the Voting portion. As a reminder your candidates are Michael Day and Sarah Himebaugh as Byron Miracle has receded his application for being DST .
AZ010-D members will have one week ending  Saturday 11/30/2019  to submit their votes. All votes should be sent to and with the Subject line "AZ-010-D DST Vote".
The format of the email should be as follows:
Your Name
Your MES Number
1. Michael Day
2. Sarah Himebaugh
3. None of the above
Below are your candidate's resumes:

 1. Michael Day
Mission Statement
To provide motivated players and venue storytellers with the opportunity to create, shape, and interact with  highly-engaging, entertaining games by being a supportive and involved domain storyteller.
 Brief Plan of Action

1. Put together a staff with an eye towards establishing the next generatin of officers and storytellers. 
2. Interface with current DST as well as VST's to get an understanding of where we are currently and how to progress forward.
3. Hold an open attendance meeting (social) to address wants and concerns to better serve the wishes of the players within the Domain.
4. Establish communication with the Regional Staff and get a pulse on the direction of the Region. Then present that direction to the local domain and gain feedback.
5. Take feedback learned from above processes and work with VST's to implement changes based on data gleaned.
Camarilla/MES Positions Held

ACC Conflict Resolution- One Term
AVST Cam/Anarch- Multiple Terms
AVST Sabbat – Multiple Terms
AVST Lost- Multiple Terms
AVST Requiem- Multiple Terms
AVST Apocalypse- Multiple Terms
AVST Mage the Awakening-Multiple Terms
VST Sabbat – Multiple Terms
VST Lost – Multiple Terms
VST Requiem- One Term
VST Forsaken-One Term
ADST Special Events AZ-010D- One Term
DST FL-011D – Multiple Terms
DST AZ-010D – One Term
SE ARST Lost- One Term
SW ARST Masquerade- Partial Term
Tribe Lead: Bone Gnawers – One Term
AANST Chief of Staff for Apocalypse under Matt Asbell
SW RST Complete 2 year term
VST Werewolf the Apocalypse Dead Man's Hand
Convention Experience

Lead Support, SERE 2011
Security second, SERE 2011
Storyteller Assistant for Mage the Awakening, SERE 2011
Storyteller Lead for Changeling the Lost, SERE 2011
Assistant Storyteller Lost, New Orleans by Night 2011
Security Assistant New Orleans by Night 2011
Assistant Storyteller Apocalypse ABN 2012
Security Assistant ABN 2012
Apocalypse Storyteller Second Apocalypse LABN 2013
Security Assistant LABN 2013
Charity Second LABN 2013
Consulting Storyteller SERE 2013
Security Lead SWRE 2014
Between 2002 and 2008 I have participated in three SEREs in an administrative capacity. I have assisted with numerous Featured Games, having managed /led at least two and have helped coordinate and run three immersion L.A.R.P.s for the South East Region. 
Relevant Experience

ST and Coordinator for an online Sabbat game hosting 500 plus players. This event was staged on the old White Wolf site and communications were run by Email, ICQ, AIM, and MSN Messenger.
I was one of three STs for a long-standing online Cam/Anarch game, staged on MiRC, for 50 plus players.
Worked with TGN staff to develop and implement MET conversions for the heterogeneous gifts, skills, and mechanics.
AVST for troupe TGN game.
VST for troupe TGN game.
25 years of experience running table top games, utilizing various systems, methods, and genres.
Petty Officer Third Class in the United States Navy.
I have worked with numerous non-profit organizations to accomplish goals and deadlines.
Assistant Mediator and Arbitrator for Helping Hands for Healing Hearts (NPO located in Florida) for two years.
Multiple years of Customer Service experience including but not limited to: Fielding request and complaints from customers, keeping with deadlines, and upholding company and client confidentiality.
I have had jobs where my responsibilities included the supervision of more than three hundred people.
Patient service technician with Barnes Healthcare LLC. Entrusted to evaluate patients for temporary or permanent assistance items. I received multiple awards for exceptional customer service and care.
I have passed the Membership Standard and the Storyteller Standard, I have not taken the Storyteller Process Standards as of yet but will complete it within thirty days if elected. 
I am a paid member of the MES in good standing.
I have not been the subject of any Disciplinary Actions.
2. Sarah Himebaugh US2009054046
I want to see this domain run well administratively, with clear and open communication and cooperation between the DC and DST offices, and also between the DST and the higher Coordinator chain of command.  Our domain already does this well in my opinion, and the primary power for running games at this time is in the hands of the VSTs, leaving the DST primarily as administration, coordination, and oversight, while supporting the VSTs to the degree requested.  I feel like I've helped with this over the past two years, and want to continue to maintain the level of coordination and communication we've achieved so far.  
Plan of Action
I plan to continue to carry out the duties of the office, check the database with frequency, file all reports promptly, respond to emails in a timely fashion, and maintain open communication with the DC's office, as well as the ST chain of command as necessary.  We've just had (or in one case, are still having,) a number of VST elections, several of which have resulted in first-time VSTs, who I am talking with and working with to ensure all needed support is provided.  And as always, we have our Feature Game coming up in January.  
We're at the point as a domain where newer members are taking on more of the VST positions, and I'm excited to get to support and assist them in this.
Member since 2009
DMH ADC Charities July 2009-June 2011
Charities Lead, SWRE 2010
DMH ADST OWoD Influence May 2011-July 2011
DMH Geist VST July 2011-May 2012
DMH Masquerade Cam/Anarch VST July 2011-February 2013
DMH ADC Administration June 2012-February 2013
DMH ADC Charities May 2013-March 2014
Charities Second, SWRE 2014
DMH DC March 2014-April 2016
AANC Charities Projects June 2018-December 2018 
Charities Lead, MESCon 2019
SW Region ADC Charities July 2017-present
DMH DST September 2017-present
Required membership/standards/discipline statement
I am currently a paid member of MES, have no disciplinary actions, and have completed all required Standards for the position of DST.
Thank you, 
Victoria Boyd
SW ARST Elections

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