Decor needed- long white sheers and curtain/icicle lights (Night 2 C/A/I)



One of the decoration items we are looking for, for night two of FGoTM, involve creating some lighted white sheer curtains for background ambiance.


If anyone might possibly be in a position to hit up some thrift stores and look for long (60’’ or 72’’ or longer) white sheer curtains, that would be super.  We can often find sheer curtains at Thrift Stores for much less money than purchasing them from the store.


Also needed are icicle or curtain lights (preferably the latter)  but we can also use extra long strings of WARM white lights and loop them, then stitch them to the sheers.


If you are interested in this little side project, please let me know.


(I think I have a pair of white sheers at home lurking in the linen cabinet unused, now that I think about it)


This is what we are going for:


Image result for white sheer lights






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