CoD-X: November Game announcement


The Valley has been quiet over the last month. 
There are still investigations into the terrorist attack on Voss towers but as of yet there has been no release of additional evidence or suspects. The City of Tolleson police and fire departments were unable to stop a blaze that engulfed the homes of a suspected cult. A severe storm in the area hampered efforts and the whole housing development was destroyed. All but one of the residents were found dead due to the blaze. The missing resident is a child and the police are looking into the matter. 

The Pod cast that has been broadcasting about conspiracies stated that a biker gang from somewhere in the valley that he calls The Wolves is responsible for the destruction of the cult, and the fires that destroyed the houses. 
The Gathering this month will be held at the new Cross tower in Mesa. While a few of the floors are being renovated there is an entire floor and large balcony dedicated to the festivities.
When : Friday, November 22nd. Game Site: Casa de Corg (536 W. Madero Ave, Mesa)
Sign in starts at 7:30 game starts at 8:00. Please don't arrive before 7:00

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