VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period) – Resilience Space VSS

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.  

At this time we have two applicants for the position of VST, for the Resilience Space VSS.  Their Applications follow alphabetic by applicant first name, and you all have through the end of Monday, November 11th to review their applications, and ask any relevant questions you have.  

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy.  VST candidates will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.  

Application #1

Identifying Information: Kristen Brittenham US2011057663
Contact Information: kbritt3@gmail.com

Objective: Bring back players that left the game, and grow it from there.  Encourage exploration.

Plan of Action: As the game leaves the mostly online status I would like to refocus on the local game and player base as much as possible, while working with any players that are outside of the area to maintain their role if they choose to keep playing with us.  I am hoping by refocusing the game it will encourage other folks to come to game and allow for larger to split groups so that there is more variety.  At the present time we require most or all of the players to participate in any single plot at game.  Variety to would allow for more social/research based characters and combat oriented characters to have their own place in the story.

We have an entire solar system out there! Lets go see it!  I want more people out and exploring the system or home and supporting the exploration.  I am currently building plot to encourage leaving the station and exploring planets for more than just resources.  There are NPCs on some of those planets we haven't met yet!

Experience: DMH Lost AVST: 2012, DMH Lost VST 2012-2013, DMH AVST Requiem 2014-2015, SoCon VST Lost 2014
I have completed the membership standard and will complete the ST standard within 30 days.

Disciplinary Actions: None

Paid member status:
Paid through 3/2020
[End  of application]

Application #2
Identifying Information:
Leland Fry US2018090044
Contact Information: Geekboy5898@gmail.com

Objective: I want to be inclusive, developing plot for individuals, groups, and all plots will be developed for participants to display their uniqueness.

Plan of Action: I will thoroughly review the VSS. I will implement plots focused for each template type, personal plots, and overarching plots. I will encourage feedback for improvements to the VSS and storytelling. I would also like to implement player control on the Council, instead of it being completely NPCs.

Experience: I am currently aVST for VtM Cam/Anarch, developing plotkits and running scenes/chops. I also have run many Tabletop games utilizing various systems and custom mechanics. I am currently working on the membership and storyteller standards.

Disciplinary Actions: None

Paid member status: Paid

[End of application]

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

DMH Website: https://www.dmh-mes.com/

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