The Dark Redemption (aka. DMH Sabbat) November Game Announcement

IC Teaser:
The Palla Grande celebration is upon us
Come, my brothers and sisters of the Sword, as we celebrate our most revered and sacred of High Holidays
Come, my fellow Cainites, as we celebrate the life and deeds of our Dark Father
Come to Palla Grande
OoC Notes:
Greetings everybody! Be sure to come out for what will doubtless be the first of many, many games of Sabbat! I look forward to seeing all of you there for my first night as VST!
I encourage each of your, either individually or as a Pack, to put together some IC art piece to present at the High Holiday celebration. This can be anything from a sculpture of a scene of the Book of Nod to a reenactment. If you need help putting something together, or want advice/ideas on what you can do, please reach out to my aVST Colleen Kaster at – She will be more than happy to assist!
As a note – Not making a presentation is perfectly acceptable and no-one should feel pressured to do so if they are not comfortable. So long as you participate in the Rite performed at the Apex of the High Holiday, your PC has honored the Ritae

OOC Location:
House of Himebaugh
1804 E Toledo St
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Please park on side streets, as we do not wish to overwhelm their neighbors.
Also, there are cats, lovely, lovely cats, so please take all relevant allergy related precautions.
FGoTM Raffle!:
In order to assist in funding our 2020 DMH Featured Game of the Month next January, the following items shall be raffled off at our next game, 1 ticket for $2, 3 tickets for $5:

1 & 2.) A Bonus Downtime Action for August
3) A single General or Sabbat specific status other than Triumphant.
4) A Free Boost action to your Influences
5 & 6) One free WP retest at game, cannot be used in CvC.
7 & 8) A 3 Blood refresh (costs a simple action to use), not to be used in CvC
Conner Nigrovic
DMH Sabbat VST

DISCLAIMER: This email and any attachment is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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