BBQ before Garou!!!

Hello everyone!

Our illustrious Storyteller for the Apocalypse game reached out to me and said "Mikey….I wanna do a thing before our next Garou game." and I of course said "ABSOLUTELY! Allow me to organize the thing!"

So, we're having a BBQ before the game on November 2nd, 2019 at Kiwanis park (ramada location TBA). The social will start at 10:30am and run until the start of the Garou game. Sheri has graciously volunteered to operate the grill, should anyone bring items for the grilling!

Don't play Garou but wanna hang with us? COME ON DOWN!!!

Play Garou and want yummy food stuffs before game? COME ON DOWN!!!

Here is the sign up sheet for the potluck:…/15K4U9BVtq7uymRIufnqR4wiMFV…/edit…

We look forward to seeing you there! Come for the food, stay for the raffle to benefit our FG and site rentals! If you win but don't play Garou, you can gift the winnings to a player.

Michael McGough

aDC Socials

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