MES Sabbat

Hey All!
First off I wanted to thank you all for voting me in – I look forward to being your Sabbat Storyteller for the next year. Lets make it a good one!
I've got a couple of quick announcements that I wanted to get through, so please bear with me.
1.) I am in the process of updating the Sabbat VSS. I will announce one it has been approved and uploaded, so be on the lookout for that announcement and be sure to familiarize yourself with the updated VSS
2.) I am in the process of reviewing the PCs on the Database. If I have questions, I will reach out to you via email. If I have suggestions I will do the same. As part of this review I am reading over the CCDs of everyone to incorporate aspects of PC's personal stories into the plot going forward. If I have questions, I will again reach out.
3.) Downtimes! The due date for Downtimes has not changed. I will NO LONGER be using the Google Docs – I will be emailing you a reply directly. The Form to Sumbit DT's has not Changed:
4.) If you have a scene to run between games, hit me up! We have NPCs from past plots for you to be able to interact with, go nuts!
5.) IF you read Cassius' Journal from last game, or currently have it in your PC's possession, Please email me ASAP. You get some cookies.
Conner Nigrovic
DMH Sabbat VST

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