FGoTM – planning has begun!

Hola and good morning!


We have a contract! YAY!

We have a skeleton crew for Staff. YAY (ish)?


Based off of the emails I sent earlier in the year about who wanted to help out, we have almost all of our Staff positions filled. YAY!


Your Staff for 2020


Event Lead : Charmain Hopkins

Event Second: Michael McGough

Registration: Kristen Brittenham

Charity: Anthony Fuentes

Media: Bryan Himebaugh

Floor Coordinator (Décor): Sheri Lane

Security: Open

Cat Wrangler(Volunteers): Open

Photog: Jeremiah the awesome from previous years

APOC VST: Aaron Hanten

C/A VST:  Wade Yorke


If you are interested in being on the planning committee / staff for FGoTM 2020, please drop me a line and I will add you to that email list.  Most of the planning and discussion happens there, so we don’t spam everyone’s email.  It is also where the Staff receive their deliverables and updates, as well as where we hash out potential problems AHEAD of time, so the event runs as smoothly as possible.


Interested in seeing how all of this comes together or lending a hand?


Let me know!




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