Domain finances – Don Cassano rental

Good morning all,

Doing a quick touch base with folks, as I have just finished reconciling our funds for the Domain. This past month (August) the Cam/Anarch/Indy game did not pull in enough donations from the raffle to cover the cost of renting the location.  (Cost to rent the room for one night of C/A is $75)
While we are (currently) ahead of the game on our finances, and can afford to take the occasional hit, it is important that we remember that the Domain still has to pay for these lovely locations that we use for our games.  Those funds must come from somewhere. That somewhere was determined (by you, the players) to be a preference in holding before game raffles.
These funds go toward both renting game sites, and helping to offset the costs of our FGoTM.
Should I begin seeing a trend in games no longer "paying for themselves", we will have to revisit options on how to raise money for game site rental.
Just a heads up now, before we get too far behind.

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010

"We are the Love of Creation." – Kuan Yin

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