VST Application Review Period (aka Q&A Period) + Voting Period – Trust But Under A Desert Moon Apocalypse VSS

Okay everyone, we have reached the Application Review Period, more commonly called the Q&A Period.  
At this time we have one applicant for the position of VST, for the Under A Desert Moon Apocalypse VSS.  His application follows, and you all have through the end of September 7th to review this application, and ask any relevant questions you have.  

The expectation is that members eligible to vote in this VST election will ask questions related to this VSS, and use appropriate courtesy.  The VST candidate will endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours, if at all possible.

As there is only one candidate, I am combining the Application Review Period with the Voting Period.  Below the application, you will find further information and instructions on voting.

Application #1  
Identifying Information: Aaron Hanten, US2014070181

Contact Information: aaronhanten1@gmail.com

Objective: Garou has been a fun, exciting, and sometimes contentious game.  That comes par for the course, garou has always been a more contentious game.  As the VST, I want to provide engaging plots, challenge my players with tough choices that this setting often lends itself to, and make sure the game itself is enjoyable and welcoming to every player.  

Plan of Action: I’ve already spoken to two players willing to come on as my aVSTs so we can hit the ground running.  I’ve already spoken with the DC and have plans to hold a bbq at our first outdoor game in Oct as a social to invite players to come out and see our garou game, now that it is well established and hopefully convince players to join the game.  New blood is always important to a game.  But secondarily, I’d like there to be a discussion about what’s working well and what players might want to see more of in the future.  Communication is key, it helps the ST understand what their players want from the game.  

I have already spoken to Mike Day as the current VST about our coming Featured game in January, and I’ve been brainstorming for plot ideas I think it will be a lot of fun.

As to the game itself, I plan to continue the shout-outs at the ends of games, its a good way for players to unwind and give props to players who were doing great role play, but also as a way to stave off the bleed that can sometimes happen in such a contentious game as garou can be.  We’re all here to have fun.

As far as local or national plot is concerned, I leave most of that decision to our players.  I’ll bring to the table, what you’re interested in seeing.  The chronicle is in full swing and much is happening across the nation.

Dec 2014-May 2015: Avst cam/anarch 
July 2015-July 2016: AVST Garou
July 2016-Jan 2017: VST Garou
Oct 2016-Feb 2017: aaNST garou assisting in proxies and helping in BNS garou implementation.
Oct 2017-May 2018: Charity Lead SWRE
Mar 2017-May 2018: aRST Special Projects
July 2018-Mar 2019: aVST Cam/Anarch
Nov 2018- Current: aDC Arbitration
Aug 2018-Current: aRC Prestige

I have taken the ST and membership Standards

Disciplinary Actions:   I have no disciplinary actions on my record of any kind. 

Paid member status:  active and paid.

[End of application]  
The Voting Period for our Apocalypse VSS: Under A Desert Moon VST election will run from today, Sunday September 1st – Saturday September 7th (midnight).  

Specific instructions for exactly how to vote:
To vote, send an email with the subject line "Under A Desert Moon VST Vote" to both dmh.dst@gmail.com and dmh.coord@gmail.com.  
For your vote to be counted, in the body of your email, you must include your full name, your MES ID number, and your submitted vote.  
Your submitted vote should rank the candidates from first to last preference.  A voter may rank all, some, or none of the candidates. If a voter finds a particular candidate unacceptable, they should leave the candidate off the ballot. If a voter finds none of the candidates to be an acceptable choice, they may choose to cast a vote for “None of the Above”. Write-in candidates are not allowed, and any vote for someone who is not a candidate in an election will be counted as a vote for “None of the Above”.
The names your VST candidates:
Aaron Hanten
Deadline when voting ends: Saturday September 7th, midnight.  Votes received after this deadline, or from ineligible voters, will not be counted.
For more information on how voting works, how the Instant Runoff System works, and who is eligible to vote, consult the current Member Handbook, chapter 7, beginning on page 43.  
If you have any questions about how to vote, or the correct formatting of votes, please consult the Member Handbook, or ask me at dmh.dst@gmail.com rather than guessing, as the voting system, Instant Runoff System, and calculation of results have been a confusing process for some members in the past.  We want you to fully understand how voting works, rather than guessing and potentially casting your vote in a fashion other than your intentions.

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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