Garou Game Announcement- September 2019

IC:  Much has happened in the past few months for the Sept of Warriors Wisdom.  A seemingly endless plague was fought against and driven back due to the hard work of so many within the sept. The effects of which ripple across this great city even now. The Umbral storm which has raged on for months is finally losing strength.  Both Gaians and spirits take their first looks at what has become of the umbra in the city of Phoenix.
OOC:  Welcome everyone to the September Garou game.  Due to real life Illness, Micheal won’t be here to ST.  I and Karen will be running the game. Downtime’s are being processed and should be out by Tuesday at the latest.  If anyone has any garou related questions, please contact either of us or the dst via email.
Just a early heads up, as of next month, October, our outdoor games begin again.  Early notifications will be sent out after game.
Check in begins at 11:30, game on at 12pm,  and game ends at 4pm.

WhereDon Cassano Community Room 200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd Floor Tempe, AZ 85281 (map)

DescriptionThere is a public parking garage across the street (which is free on Sat/Sun – first come, first served).
The location is also DIRECTLY on both the Light Rail and Bus stop routes. (Seriously… the platforms are right there)
Best bet will be to carpool – drop off passengers out front, and then park across the street, or park in one of the free lots and hop the light rail (then beg a ride back to your car after game). There is also quite a bit of paid parking, if you’re willing to walk a block or so.

Aaron Hanten 
 "Fry Guy" "This is A A Ron signing off."

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