Apoc VST out of contact

As a heads up to everyone, medical issues have come up for Mike Day, so I am asking people to please direct anything for the Apocalypse VST to myself at dmh.dst@gmail.com until the Apocalypse election which is about to start completes.  Please also copy the Apocalypse AVSTs Aaron Hanten (aaronhanten1@gmail.com) and Karen Blythe (nyteraven@gmail.com) if it relates to the September game, as they will be processing this past month's downtimes, and (per the current plan) running the September game while the election completes.

Because Real Life is always more important than game, I'd like to remind people to please not bother Mike or Stephanie for status updates, or with questions, while they focus on more important stuff.

Sarah Himebaugh
AZ-010-D DST

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