CoD-x Game Announcement

(IC teaser.) The gathering has call for celebration. Last month the group was able to obtain a victory against the God Machine and those that worked for it. This months gathering is going to be a party, thoughtfully being hosted at Cross Medical Tower, hosted by Samuel Cross. All are invited to the levity and pride that comes with victory. But we can not let this dull our senses, and as a group plans need to be made for the next stage of the lives of all that attend the gatherings and their continued cooperation.
(OOC) I hope you can all make it to my first game as VST. A big shout out to Sarah and Bryan for jumping in and hosting at the last minute. Let’s be respectful and follow any rules they have for gaming at their house. 
Casa De Himebaugh
Sign in at 7:30 game on at 8 
Let’s try not to be to early so that our hosts have time to get home and prep for our invasion 
FGotM Raffle
2 extra DT action
1 3 point fuel refresh (no CvC)
1 retest (no CvC)
Casey Matthews

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