FGoTM – Team Stage Hand (formerly Decor Lead)

Bright and Glorious morning, friends and neighbors! 


It’s time to talk about some much needed logistic changes for our FG.


Over the last several years, we have attempted to handle the managing of decorations/settings in different ways.  In each of these ways, we have run into the situation where we either did not have enough help, the help we had was exhausted by the time all was said and done and/or the help offered had time constraints of their own which left them with having to cut out early.


We have a big event.

We go all out.

We have a lot of potential for décor/set dressing available.


We NEED to have warm bodies available to plan/set up and tear down our games (and enough warm bodies so no one either misses out on dinner/lunch or is too exhausted to drive home).


I propose the creation of a specific team lead and team who will coordinate with the IC hosts of the games + our Assets Manager (Bryan Lee Briggs) to ensure that décor is setup/torn down without leaving our people exhausted in the process.


In my vision of this – 


  • The Team Lead will coordinate with the IC Hosts/VSTs to discuss their desired theme (wish lists will be created here)
  • The Team Lead will review our existing assets with the Assets Manager and determine (with the IC Hosts and VSTs) what we will use from extant props/set dressing
  • The Team Lead will coordinate with the IC Hosts/VST/DC to discuss what else might be needed to make the envisioned theme come to life (shopping and donated items will be collected)
  • The Team Lead will be empowered to create a team of no less than 5 persons (for each game) to assist with the set up/tear down of the play space.
  • The Team Lead will pair with the Assets Manager to pull the items needed for the event AND ONLY THOSE ITEMS from storage, and arrange to have them transported
  • The Team Lead and their team will be responsible for all set/strike duties for the game play area(s).


I feel that (in a perfect world) this would be the best way to handle the needs of set/strike for our FG and allow everyone to enjoy as much of the event as possible (with fewer strained backs at the end of the day).


If you are interested in taking this on, or would like to discuss all of this – feel free to chime in, or contact me off list.


Ever Forward,




DC – DMH AZ D010



"We are the Love of Creation." – Kuan Yin

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