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Here is a brief recap of what was discussed at the Domain Meeting on Saturday.  If you do not wish to read all of the notes, you can view the slide presentation here:




All of our game locations are paid for, for the remainder of the year.  YAY!

Our expenses for the remainder of the year include $500 for our annual insurance  + the expected expenses for FGoTM ($3500) for a total of $4000

We have (in cash and Paypal) at present $4607.15


All of our budgeted expenses for the rest of the year are COVERED!!!


Does this mean that we can relax our fund raising? No.  Why?  Because 2020 is right around the corner and we will have additional expenses that we will have to pay for starting in January. (Game Sites)



FGoTM is in January! YAY!  We have a contract, we have a room rate, we are set to go. We will begin team building for the event staff this month. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know immediately.


  • Website – Bryan will begin working on our FGoTM Website ASAP
  • Costs – last year we had a $30 prepay and $35 at the door with a $40 VIP option. This seemed to work very well for us financially, and should get us where we need to be for the 2020 FGoTM budget
  • Reset Survey – most of you have probably seen the recent survey from National that discusses a possible reset of the Masquerade Chronicle.  One of those options resets the Chronicle in January of 2020.  We are aware that this could impact our FGoTM.  To help mitigate that, I have spoken with the RC and RST, and (once we know the results of said survey and have a date)  SHOULD the reset appear to have an impact on our FGoTM, Regional has offered to work with us to help our game be a destination game for either – ending the chronicle or starting the chronicle (depending on time line). In this way, we hope to not suffer from the reset as we have in the past for our FGoTM.  


We will know more (hopefully) by the end of the month


Scheduling for FGoTM will depend entirely on what the reset survey does. 


  • If no impact = Fri/Sat = C/A/I  + Sat Apoc
  • If impacted = discussion will have to happen to determine schedule
  • Fri (Sabbat) Sat (CAI) + Sat Apoc
  • FRI/SAT APOC  + Sat day for night historical
  • All historical
  • Who knows. We need to be flexible right now until we know more.


There was extensive conversation on FGoTM, involving why we are in January, what options we may have if we want to move the game date, do we want a brand name for the event. I will open a thread to discuss these on the main list.



C/A/I is locked into their schedule and location (Don Cassano) for the remainder of 2019

Sabbat is locked into their schedule and location (Himebaugh’s) for the remainder of 2019

COD-X *may* need a new location, depending on the results of the election. At this time, the game is not big enough to justify renting the Don Cassano Room. Additionally, the CoD-X games are on Friday nights when ASU hosts home games, so parking will be difficult.  Locations for the CoD-X game will have to be:

  • Volunteered member home
  • A public park
  • Change to an Online Format
  • Game goes dark

APOC – whoever runs for APOC VST needs to be aware that the schedule and location for game is FIXED through the end of the year. All games will be on 1st Saturdays and will be day/afternoon games. We have already rented space for the year at the Don Cassano and Kiwanis Park. This cannot be changed at this time



We have several elections upcoming

CoD-X begins this month

APOC begins in September

The DST election is due in September

The DC election is due in October/November – at this time, I *do* plan on running for a second term.



We have Selected (4) Charities to support for the rest of the year


BackPacks 4 Kids

Child Crisis Center

Lost our Home


In an effort to help keep the collection of donations organized, we will be assigning each of these charities to a specific game. If you would like to donate items to a specific cause, please bring them to the game in question, where someone will be available to collect them for you. If you are not planning on attending those games, please contact the DC or ADC (Kristen Britt) to make arrangements.


C/A/I – Lost our Home

APOC – Back Packs 4 Kids

Sabbat – Child Crisis Center



If you are interested in organizing a specific activity for one of the Charities, feel free to drop a note to the DC and we will get it sorted for you. This could be a toy drive, a pet food drive, school supplies, working at a shelter, organizing a fun run etc.

RINCON / Recruitment


We have been contacted by the Convention Organizer of RINCON ( a gaming convention in Tucson) to run games at their event in October. We are coordinating with the DC of Desert Rose (The Domain in Tucson) to present both an APOC and Masquerade game for them.   Jen Marks is the contact in Tucson. They will be running APOC.  Anthony Fuentes will be heading up our team for Masquerade.


If you are interested in helping Anthony out, please contact him at  He will need Narrators at the game to assist.


I have contacted the MES Trade Manager to see if they can send us any swag for giveaway. They are working at GENCON right now, and will get back to us when they return


The Domain will pick up the cost for (2) badges to attend RINCON for the purposes of running these games. (We may receive an additional comped badge. Beyond that, badges will have to be paid for by the person attending) Will let Anthony know how many comped badges we have to distribute for ST/Narration staff.



Ever Forward,




DC – DMH AZ D010


"We are the Love of Creation." – Kuan Yin

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