Graphic Designer needed for publication materials (prestige awarded)

Now that I have your attention 😊


Something that was brought up at the National Coordinator meeting over the weekend was membership drives and how we were getting the word out to locals.  The Domain currently has an opportunity to partner with RINCON in Tuscon over the weekend of October 4-5.  I would love to have a tri-fold pamphlet designed that contains information about the MES, as well as contact information for the local Domain(s) crafted (one for us and one for Tuscon).


Anyone who submits something for consideration will be awarded 30G prestige for the “Creation of a Recruitment flyer”.  Different artists have different styles, there is no reason to limit what we are using.




  • Design must be in a tri-fold format
  • Design must include information on MES
  • Design must include contact information for DMH and/or Desert Rose
  • Design must include information on games supported by MES in current chronicle
  • Design must include mention of MES’s dedication to philanthropy as well as gaming


You may use supporting verbiage and graphics located on the MES website for your design (per MES legal at meeting).


If you are interested in this opportunity – please contact me.


Deadline for submissions will be 8/31/2019.


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DC – DMH AZ D010


"We are the Love of Creation." – Kuan Yin

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