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Subject: Featured SW Regional Charities July – December 2019


The region is currently using a 6-month rotation for regional charities, to give members more time with the featured charities, and to allow us to offer several different options simultaneously during that time period.


Note that any domain-level organized group volunteering, with a focus on direct impact on one’s local community, will be eligible for regional prestige matching for this entire 6-month period, in addition to the three sponsored charities below.


Rather than using three entirely new charities, I have rotated back in two of the more popular charities we’ve included in the past couple of years, in addition to one new to the featured regional charities.


For the period of January-June 2019, the Southwest Region will be featuring the three following charities:



Direct Relief https://www.directrelief.org/ (providing worldwide disaster relief)  



Children’s Literacy Initiative https://cli.org/ (Providing educators training and resources for early childhood literacy instruction)



4 Paws for Ability  https://4pawsforability.org/  (Providing service dogs without age or geographic limitations)


Per the Membership Handbook, from July1st 1st-Dec 31th 2019, for any donations you make to these charities, you will earn 1 point of Regional prestige for every $3 donated, or 10 points of Regional prestige for every hour of time donated volunteering. (Note that volunteering time is also eligible for VIP!)


Donation options are listed below for each charity, but regardless of option or charity selected, please send a copy of your receipts (or photographic proof of donation) to arc.charities@sw.mindseyesociety.org and copy rc@sw.mindseyesociety.org. To help ensure things are tracked and reported properly, please include in your email subject line: Jul-Dec 2019 Charity (Name of Charity) (Month of Donation)





This disaster-relief charity, based out of California, provides international disaster relief and medical aid, and is considered one of the top charities out there, overall.  


Information on donating money or resources, organizing fundraisers, or volunteering can be found at https://www.directrelief.org/ways-to-give/



Children’s Literacy Initiative https://cli.org/

This organization works with teachers and children (pre-K through 3rd grade), to help improve early childhood literacy, especially among lower-income and disadvantaged children.  Their goal is to see a nation where all children are literate, and reading at their grade level by the end of 3rd grade.


Direct monetary donations can be made to Children’s Literacy Initiative at http://clini.convio.net/donate


You can also donate goods or volunteer time with any local 501(c)3 children’s literacy organization, or public library children’s literacy program.



4 Paws for Ability  https://4pawsforability.org/

This national organization places service dogs without age or geographic restrictions, nor restrictions based on the nature or severity of the service recipient’s disability or disabilities.  The majority of their placements involve the three-unit team, including a parent or guardian as service dog handler, allowing recipients otherwise unable to independently handle a service dog due to age or severity of service needs. They also offer a program for veterans, and a new program for Alzheimer Assistance dogs.


Direct monetary donations can be made to 4 Paws for Ability at https://4pawsforability.org/donate-now/


You can also donate goods based on their wish list (including options for purchase online) found at https://4pawsforability.org/wish-list/


Members are encouraged to forward this email to your domain lists for further distribution.


Sarah Himebaugh

SW ARC Charities

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