Social after Apocalypse 7/6

Hello everyone!
We will be having a Social in the Don Cassano room this Saturday from 7pm-1030pm after the scheduled Apocalypse game.  I am allowing for a 2 hour dinner break after the game end for folks to grab grub, de-costume, or to meet up if you don't play the game.  The cafe on the corner of the Transit Plaza has opened and we also have Mill Ave. close by.
Here are the results of the survey:
11 responses
36.4% – Food and socialize
36.4% – Board/card games
18.2 – Standards Social
9.1% – Prestige Class
I will be combining the first two options, since they had the majority response and will be working with the Coordinator Staff to offer the other two options at a later date.  
10 people said they would attend, so I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone there!
With it being summer, if there are any INDOOR options that the memebership would like to see on the next survey, please email me at 
Michael McGough

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