*read me please* Prestige things

Good morning, all!

•Did you do set up or tear down for a game?
•Did you provide snacks?
•Did you portray an NPC for Staff?
•Did you host a game at your house?
•Did you make a donation to charity?

All of these activities are worthy of Prestige, and can be submitted for approval.

You can submit your prestige worthy actions through the Domain’s form here:


This is a handy tool that we are using to help keep track of prestige submissions. Due to the size of our Domain, it is often easy to misplace individual emails that are submitted to the DC’s office. If you use this tool, it is here for myself, or other officers, to review and verify on an ongoing basis. Please use this tool for your Prestige submissions.

There is a link to the current MES guidelines for prestige as well as a link to a blank Prestige sheet located there as well.

It is the member’s responsibility to keep track of their prestige; but hopefully this will help make it a little easier.

Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010

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