Updates to Safety Mechanics

Hello MES!

I believe that our Safety Mechanics are a good foundation as we move toward more inclusive play and safe spaces. This means that they can always be built upon and, frankly, should be.

I’ve added an update to the OK Check-in System and have added Pronoun Correction Mechanics.

Why Pronoun Correction?

There are players in the MES that are playing Transgender, Nonbinary, Opposite Gender, and Gender Fluid PCs. Misgendering PCs can cause negative feelings which affect game play or, more importantly, cause a player to feel unwelcome or unsafe. We are introducing Pronoun Correction as a quick and generally less disruptive mechanic as part of our on-going effort to increase inclusivity and promote safe spaces.

Why is this mechanic useful and what does it do?

  1. It sends a clear message that our Org is inclusive to people of all genders.
  2. It helps with pronoun normalization.
  3. It gives a simple and quick correction procedure that is minimally intrusive to immersion.
  4. It helps our Trans and nonbinary players feel more respected and safer.

I took this almost verbatim from https://nordiclarp.org/2017/12/01/larp-tools-pronoun-markers-correction-mechanics/ and believe that this mechanic, paired with the preferred pronoun pins the NCA’s office introduced at GLRE, will help promote trust and camaraderie in our Org.

Updates are highlighted in Red here:

Love you. Mean it. ❤

Travis A.

The MES NST Office

Clarification for local play:

The Domain will still recognize these hand gestures if they are displayed at eye,neck or shoulder level as valid use to accommodate our hearing impaired members.

If you have questions about this, feel free to contact me.

Ever Forward,
DC – DMH AZ D010

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