Discussion – IC/OOC Auction + Summer Month Socials

Good morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying the week, and looking forward to our very busy weekend of potluck and gaming.

I wanted to open discussion on a Social/Charity themes for Summer.

As you may know, we are losing the Don Cassano room for games and our locations have had to shift because of this. Due to the loss of the Don Cassano room, we had to find alternate locations to host some of our games. Our LAST game in Don Cassano will be the June Apoc game. After that we will be using the meeting room at the Mezona hotel in DT Mesa for July/Aug/Sept for APOC. Cam/Anarch/Indy will be at the Sheraton 4 points for June/Aug (no game in July due to MESCON).

•See calendar for details

We have rented the Don Cassano from 10am – 10pm in June (I can extend it if needed)

We have rented the Mezona from 10am – 11:59 pm

It was discussed at the Domain meeting in February, that we should get the most out of these locations by hosting Socials opposite the APOC game. We are going to move forward with that idea, and will have something social-y in the time frame that is opposite the game. (the VST will be making the determination if those will be a day or night games by this weekend).

The ADC Socials will be sending out some surveys regarding these, but I also wanted to open dialog on this topic.

One of the things that I would like to see is an IC/OOC auction. Members and STs would be welcome to donate items to auction off (or raffle off I suppose). We would also have a potluck/table top game day in conjunction with this. Half of the proceeds would go toward one of the Domain Charities and the other half would go toward Domain funds (to help offset costs).

What are your thoughts on this? Do you like this idea? Do think it’s dumb? Would you come to this? Do you care one way or the other? Should we do something else to raise money for Charity/Domain? What other sorts of things would you like to do in the time slot opposite Apoc (since we already have that space)?

Please keep comments polite and criticism constructive.

1-2-3 – GO!

Ever Forward,

DC – DMH AZ D010

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